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  • Please allow audio file hotlinking

    Currently, posting an image or a video only by its link embeds it and its visible (and openable/visible on discord)could we please be able to do that for audio files as well?its not great to have t...

  • Please make it so your displayed screen doesnt force scroll

    When you are at a certain point on a chat channel, messages(or reactions) from below (or above) push your line of view down or higher, making it insanely frustrating to view or click something beca...

  • Add a dropdown option for channel perms

    You'd have this dropdown submenu when clicking on "manage channels" when editing a role permissionsthese options would be"move channel""edit channel name""edit channel topic""edit categories""delet...

  • A list of all the feedback you've done


    I'd like to be able to go back to my profile and see my previous postsMy history to be precise, so i can go over, see responses, leave additional comments, etc

  • Arrow key select override

    When i type something in the text field like /shrug, :thinking: or #general-chat and my cursor happens to be in that general area while i select a specific thing from what i typed using the arrow k...

  • View list of role mention

    When someone pings a specific role, i wanna see who got pinged A lot of roles arent displayed in the members list A feature to do the same for unpingable roles too would be nice And this is for me...

  • Blocking someone should make it so unreads from that person in servers are gone

    it shouldnt give me a "new messages" thing above it, especially if its the only message sent since last read, it shouldnt notify me for that message or show me an unread channel when only the block...

  • What if i want to screenshare to just one person in a group

    I dont like when my screen is shared to everyone in the group, it would be even better if i could voice two people at once without a group

  • why cant i direct link embed from mp3s


    i can direct link mp4, webms and image files when forwarding from another server but it doesnt let me do that for sound files

  • Access to loaded content

    You know what i dont like about discord(and i really like discord so much,rep that discord hype bois), even if you loaded it and are in a channel but lose connection, you cant even continue reading...