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  • Lock the page arrows to the bottom of screen while in search.

    The search system is great, but in order to change pages in the results section you have to scroll all the way to the bottom. If these were always visible it would be much more convenient.

  • Ability to toggle spoiler viewing options on specific servers

    I think this is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes spoilers can be nice especially on certain servers, but other times I don't want to have to click through all of them. Adding this option to perso...

  • Ability to change specific push notifications on mobile

    Push notifications are great on mobile. They allow you to quickly see if a friend messages, or get news of a cool notification you may have gotten on a server. However, sometimes you don't want pus...

  • Ability to use commands even if they're not at the front of the message

    Commands are awesome. Personally I enjoy using the /tableflip one.However, you can't use them if it isn't at the start of the message. I'd love for this to be changed so it fills in the command any...

  • Ability to Edit Images

    Using images to spruce up information channels is great. However, when you want to change up the theme, it can be extremely irritating that you can't change the photo out for another one.I think sw...

  • Dark Themed Emoji Picker


    Dark theme is great.... Emojis are great.... Dark themed emoji picker would be AMAZING. Whenever I open the emoji picker now, I can't help but notice my eyes burning from the brightness.

  • Display Members List on In-Game Overlay

    Currently, the overlay has DMs, servers, chats, voice chats, and even moderating functions. I think adding the members list on the right side would be a great addition as well. Would really complet...

  • Voice Chats With Their Own Text Chat


    Probably the only thing I miss about teamspeak is the ability to have a text chat linked directly to a voice channel you are in, where you can only access messages after when you joined. I think ad...

  • Better Search Results

    The search feature works great and is very convenient. However, rather than searching for letters in order overall, it should search for letters in consecutive order, similar to how it works with w...

  • If a message is deleted while the in-app notification is still up, it should go away.

    With the recent TestFlight/Alpha updates, the in-app notification has proven to be quite helpful. However, given the case that a user deletes their message before the timer runs out, I think that t...