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  • Emotes no nitro

    i wanna make own emotes and use em myself without nitroORi wanna use emotes from other server without nitro

  • Cheat codes lel

    Up up down down left right left right ba   Add this to do something lel  Also i made a feedback on modding discordLet us mod discord!is the name i suggest checking it out!

  • Let us mod discord!

    We want to make MODS for dicord but as we all know its not allowed because editing the files of discord aint allowed and never will BUT BUT BUT we want to make mods so please add a modding place on...

  • Login with discord

    The login with discord is not easy to make with the current way it is made so my suggestion is that what if discord can make it so it is much much easier like the code is already made for itSo on t...

  • Add a refer a friend button

    i have a idea of that you could add a REFER a friend the feature should have a button and when you click it it sends you a link you can send friends to that they could make a account in does give Y...

  • Please: Add a discordhistory thing

    the discordhistory could be like  where you can find others PFP username the hastag thingi the history if them and if you like to a owner servers section where you can see the u...

  • Sudo suggestion

    I wish we could add a sudo thing for the Api like This would be an example msg.sudo('userid','action') Be aware this is not yet a thing and i would love it that even users and bots could do sudo ac...

  • We want to make our own Clydes

    We want to make it so we can also add invisible messages that can only be seen from the user who made it happen We wan to make our own bots have invisible messages so we could make our own Clyde b...

  • a assistant for discord

    Hey so ya know Google Home lets Upgrade it for DISCORD lets make something similar to that assistant so imma introduce you to MEEPassistant so it would be like dm get answer like hello MEEP it answ...