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  • Gradient Color Roles

    The simple color roles are a bit too plain. Maybe if gradient color roles are introduced they would look much better and make the role list and usernames much more colorful.

  • More randomized welcome messages

    Discord has some really great and funny welcome messages. At first they are really entertaining but after a while they get boring, it would be great if we can select which message we want to be dis...

  • New Permission Idea

    So you know when you edit a message it has the unpleasant (edited) text at the end of it? Well I thought if a new permission could be added which will, Deny seeing the (edited) sign for people wit...

  • Toggleable Way to Block Links

    Well many people have gotten server links DMed to them even though it's against the rules. If lets say you don't want any server links to trouble you then a preferable solution would to have mode t...

  • DnD Mode

    We have DnD status so why not a mode. Basically what it does is you block all notifications.It would be toggle able of course, and here's how it could work; Let's say you are a busy person or you ...

  • Separate Direct Messages

    So as for now we have all, Friends, Users, Blocked users and Groups together in the list of 'Direct Messages'. What would be really helpful if there are separate lists, like; Blocked Users. Groups...

  • Seeing Blocked Messages But Not Getting Them


    Now I am not sure of your most annoying feature in discord but mine's see the blocked messages, now mostly I just have to see the blocked messages no matter how much I resisted. So to overcome that...

  • Timers For VCs

    Now you can stay in a voice chat for eternity, unless of course an admin kicks you out of it. So here's what I think. There should be a way to kick everyone or a certain role out of a certain voice...

  • Blocking Calls

    Ok maybe this has been suggested before but just in case it hasn't. We all can block users from our eyes. One block all kinds communication from another in discord by that. But maybe someone just...

  • Show BOT status differently

    So when you get an invite to a server It shows the server avatar and it's name, below that it shows online and offline count, and that also includes BOTs status. Now most bots are online almost all...