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  • saiyr

    Agreed, it makes hiding channels pretty useless. I'll end up going back to using mute instead.

  • Gray

    Well said! I have raised feedback on their official Subreddit too, regarding this issue. Haven't received any response from them yet. And considering the current state of upvotes here as well, it doesn't seem like many people care or know about this bug as yet.

    Discord, if you're reading this - kindly take note of this pesky little bug and remove the Suggested Channels option. Honestly, it beats the whole point of #browse-channels (which by the way we are very glad to have.)

  • Artur


  • Dailyfix

    im sure there busy rolling this feature out, but i hate the suggested channels that i turned off. so give us the option to turn off these Suggested Channels that would be great.

    or not and wait for the community to start spamming this question

  • Particle

    I can mute a channel, set notifications to 'Nothing', and remove it from the channel list, and I will still get a red notification circle any time @everyone is used in the channel. The channel will show up under the 'suggested' channels whenever this happens. I guess there's no way to avoid unwanted pings from a server without leaving the server entirely.

  • F-Lambda

    There's literally only one good use for suggested channels, and that's newly created channels that you may not know about yet. Everything else is an annoyance.

  • CombFiltered

    I'd like to suggest two options for suggested channels, both user side options.

    1. Disable suggestions for manually de-selected channels
    2. Disable suggestions for new channels

    I think that gives users the flexibility to disable what they want, while keeping it useful. Suggestions for new channels would be very helpful to make sure you're not missing channels, but would allow the user to disable it where they really don't want it.

  • nullity

    Alright, why can I choose which channels to hide on a server if Discord is just going to pin the channels that I specifically chose to HIDE AWAY to the VERY TOP of the channel list as “suggestions”. I already know about these channels. I saw these channels already. I went into Discord's channel picker and I CHOSE TO HIDE THEM for a reason. Because I am. not. interested. in. them. Every time I click the “X” to close the suggested channels, after someone pings the channel, they pop right back. Pinned at the top of the channel list. Just in case the last 20 times I clicked “X" was a mistake or something?


    Please Discord, either get your stuff together, or modify your terms of service to allow for third party Discord clients so someone that knows what they're doing can fix these problems.

  • Cayleb Terekhov

    On the other hand, you COULD just remove the ability to mute channels entirely,  since this anti-feature effectively already did that for you. 

    Such a pain. 

    Just give us an option to disable already - I don't care what algorithm you have for it, I do not want suggestions ever. 

    Putting it on top of everything I and everyone else cares about is a terrible idea.

  • Abys Help




  • argothiel

    Hello, Discord,

    Could you please remove the “Suggested channels” option? As you can see above, it negatively interferes with the “Mute channel” option, which looks like a serious design bug.


  • monkinto

    Full Agree, I disabled a channel because I didn't want to see it constantly showing it to me as a suggested channel is not going to change that.

  • Manatee Man

    Absolutely needed ASAP

  • Joel

    I second this. I don't want to have the little red dot for channels that I've muted.

  • OnyxAvenger

    Due to the lack of response from Discord I assume they're not following up on this, but seriously the fact that Suggested Channels will constantly re-show channels you've intentionally unselected.

    At the bare minimum it should stop showing a particular Suggested Channel once you've closed it out at least once from the Suggested Channel section. It really discourages Discord servers that have content for different audiences, because this removes the ability of the users to select what content they want to see.

    Furthermore, if you've already disabled notification settings (down to “Nothing”) for the channel that's suggested, it shouldn't show the notification dot-counter for messages. This design choice completely invalidates any selections made by the user.

    Realistically, the preferrable design (as mentioned several times earlier in this thread) would be to have the option to toggle off Suggested Channels.

  • Ruth Arendse

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  • Orell Hokenek

    This issue deserves to be brought back. More people strongly dislike the suggested channels feature than Discord and its associates would like to believe. It's extremely irritating, and as others have said, it doesn't even take into account if the suggestion was rejected once already. I curate the channels I frequent closely and if I close out the suggestions they should stay gone. Fix this ridiculous ‘feature’ immediately.

  • HowlinWolf_PL

    agreed, please give us option to disable it as well as muted channels crossover between Android and PC desktop app seems to bug out as i still get notifications on those particular ones

  • Teioneh Leioneh

    I found that on Android you can click on the actual word “Suggested” and it brings up a little prompt at the bottom to “Clear”.  This makes the the channels go away! Hope this helps!


    Not sure if they will keep popping back up later, though. But with the update, I lost the ability to X away the Channels. Then I found this.

  • Orell Hokenek

    It is unclear if any such updates have come to the desktop app which is what we are talking about. Mobile updates are not especially useful here.

  • Annihilannic

    Yes, that is the same on PC and only temporary… more unwanted suggestions will appear again later.

  • Daniel S

    The most annoying “feature” ever! Please disable the “suggested” channels! that's NOT why I disabled them for Discord to keep shoving them up my throat every time someone mentions me there… I MUTED the channel for a reason! FFS! I see it's more than a year since people started complaining about this idiocracy!

  • Zaflis

    You can actually close the “Suggestions” category. This isn't meaningful to me because i always set it to “show all channels”, but what i don't see is how you would get the suggestions back after you disable them! Spent quite some time browsing the menus just for curiosity.

  • Annihilannic

    Zaflis yes, we know.  The problem is they come back by themselves when Discord feels like suggesting more channels.


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