New Sever Boosting Level idea


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  • bella

    Darrenchery proposed a novel server boosting level, Level 4, featuring multiple enhancements.  Smart Square Mercy

  • adison

    That's a creative concept! Introducing new server boosting levels can enhance user experience and incentivize engagement. Your proposed perks, like increased emoji slots, higher audio quality, and expanded upload limits, offer tangible benefits. Myfedloan 

  • paul walker

    Introducing an innovative server boosting level, tailored for enhanced user experience! Level 4 boasts exciting features: +50 Emoji Slots, 432Kbps Audio Quality, 150MB Upload Limit, +20 custom sticker slots, GIF or normal role icons, and Live streams boosted to 1440P 60FPS. Elevate your server dynamics and engagement with these premium perks!   WEBSITE

  • Johnson Charles

    Introducing an exciting new server boosting level, followed by 24 people!  Elevate your server experience with these premium perks! Darrenchery1's boredom sparked an ingenious upgrade.  WEBSITE

  • ben rich

    Darrenchery's idea for a new level of server boosting introduces several exciting features aimed at enhancing the server experience for Discord users. Here’s a breakdown of the proposed Level 4 benefits:

    1. +50 Emoji Slots (for a total of 300 emojis): Increasing the emoji capacity allows for more customization and expression within chats, accommodating diverse communication needs.



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