Connection display add on for Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Apple Music, Game Center and !


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  • com.ibbl.cellfin

    User/Server/Message ID?

  • Rajesh Bharat Pohalkar

    New new listen it's nice

  • 浜崎マバ

    Hmmm, if you mean connection display in terms of linked accounts to your discord profile it would be fine for platforms such as Apple Music, Game Center and the others, but platforms like Whatsapp would be a big no, since to chat with someone there you'd need his phone number and that wouldn't be safe.

  • Swizzz

    Magic's suggestion to add a connection display for Snapchat, Apple Music, Telegram,, and Game Center would be a neat feature. This would allow users to see who's currently online and available to chat or play games with. It could also help streamline communication and make it easier to connect with others. Like if i share my experience with Omar WhatsApp, or other apps that was very unique and impressive.

  • Aliza Zenifer

    The Connection Display Add-On is a multi-faceted enhancement tool that enriches the user experience on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Apple Music, Game Center, and It adds a social layer to these platforms, allowing users to connect, communicate, and share their digital experiences more seamlessly. This innovative add-on is set to transform the way users interact across various digital ecosystems.

  • Muhammad Hasnain

    Assuming the existence or development of a connection display add-on that integrates these platforms, it could offer features like:

    • Unified Contact List: A single interface to view and manage contacts across messaging platform, social media, and gaming services.
    • Cross-Platform Messaging and Notifications: The ability to receive and respond to messages from different platforms in one place.
    • Activity Sharing and Discovery: Sharing what you're listening to on Apple Music or your achievements on Game Center with your contacts on messaging platforms.
    • Cross-Platform Invites and Matchmaking: For gamers, the ability to send game invites or join games across different platforms like Game Center and
  • Mahnoor Malik

    That sounds like a fantastic idea! A connection display add-on for those platforms could definitely enhance user experience and streamline communication across different apps and services. It would be convenient to have all notifications and updates centralized in one place.

  • james alary

    Magic's idea of adding a connection display for Snapchat, Apple Music, Telegram,, and Game Center could be a great addition. It would let users see who's online for chatting [anime](, or gaming, making communication smoother and facilitating connections. For instance, sharing unique experiences with friends across various apps like WhatsApp could become even more engaging. 


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