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  • Wraith

    Hey Daniel,

    I really appreciate your thoughts on this idea! It's clear that you're thinking about how to take the Discord experience to the next level. I completely understand where you're coming from. Combining Oculus VR with Discord's features could indeed create an amazing synergy.

    Now, let's delve a bit into the concept of Rich Presence and how it works within Discord. Rich Presence is a feature that allows game developers to provide additional context and information about what a user is doing within a game. It's that nifty feature that shows your friends what game you're playing and even specific details about your in-game activities. While Discord might integrate this with Oculus VR, this integration usually requires collaboration between the platforms' developers.

    Here, Meta, being the company behind Oculus, would need to step in to develop the integration. Discord can definitely explore partnership opportunities with Meta to make this idea a reality. Imagine the possibilities! Gamers and VR enthusiasts could seamlessly share their VR experiences, achievements, and even join social activities on Discord, all while enjoying the immersive world of Oculus.

    This partnership could go beyond just technical integration. It could redefine the way we socialize and game. Think about organizing VR game nights with friends from all over the world, connecting through Discord voice channels while exploring virtual landscapes in Oculus. The potential for enhanced communication and collaboration is immense.

    Keep the innovative ideas coming, Daniel! It's folks like you who drive the evolution of technology and create fantastic experiences for all of us. If you have any more thoughts or questions, feel free to share them – I'm here to chat and brainstorm with you!

  • Daniel

    Hello Wraith, here is how I picture it:

    Oculus (VR headset) gets application.name then posts application.name to Presance handaller (Could be made by discord or meta) then once sent look for application.name in Database of RPs made by Oculus. If does not exists then create application.name as a RP and make Application.name as RP title. Then take RP to user profile is access granted. Now yes there should be a part where devs can change name and info and activity of the RP!


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