Discord Rich Presence by bot


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  • Wraith

    Hello there!

    I can tell that you've really invested some serious thought into this concept, and I'm thrilled to see your enthusiasm for enhancing Discord! Your proposal to enable bots to set Discord Rich Presence with no additional installations is definitely an intriguing one. Granting authorization via the Discord API for Rich Presence permissions sounds like a step in the right direction. Plus, the idea of including a user-controlled button to revoke access for Rich Presence changes is a smart way to maintain user agency.

    Yet, let's delve into a few potential snags that could arise from this feature. For instance, there might be instances where mischievous users attempt to exploit the system, potentially leading to negative experiences of others. Also, considering Discord's commitment to user privacy and security, ensuring that the implementation is foolproof might be quite the challenge.

    Regarding functionality, Rich Presence primarily serves as a real-time reflection of a user's ongoing activity on Discord. Integrating a feature that allows bots to set Rich Presence might disrupt the organic nature of this representation.

    Your creativity and involvement in contributing to Discord's evolution is truly commendable! Keep those ideas flowing, as they contribute immensely to shaping the platform. If there are more thoughts you'd like to share or aspects you'd like to discuss, don't hesitate to continue the conversation. Your dedication to refining Discord is a real asset! 


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