Username change announcement: goodbye Nitro


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  • Robin

    Yup unsubbed here too. Hopefully they hear us out, this is a bad change.

  • Danlight

    The #0000 system is the best username system ever created, why the hell would you ever change it?

  • aeoncs

    Reading this thread is the first I have heard of this change and I am utterly disgusted by this!! If it happens I am out, I run a server with level 3 boost and 160+ members, and I buy additional boosts for friends servers. I will unsub, shut the server down and move to Microsoft Teams! and I am not joking... One of the reason I pay for Nitro is for the option to change my discriminator. Take that away from me, I will not let you have my money anymore, end of discussion! What an absolute shit show this platform is becoming. First you kick us from private calls for being disconnected from our partners for 3 mins, and now this! What a joke!!

  • Neko

    I have the same point that you think.

  • Kamy

    This truly is sad

    And the beginning of Discord submitting to the big guy, and getting lobbied or bought out piece by piece

    If this goes through, me and my friends will start looking for another platform to switch to, just like we did with when Skype was bought by Microsoft, and then we found Discord.

  • Speedtestcopel

    To make an announcement about a username change in Nitro Discord, you can use the server's announcement channel or create a new channel specifically for the announcement. Here's an example announcement you could use:

    "Hey everyone, just a quick heads up that I've changed my username to [New Username]! I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you see a new name popping up in the server. Looking forward to chatting with you all as [teste de velocidade unifique]!"

    Feel free to customize this announcement to fit your own style and tone. When making the announcement, be sure to tag any relevant people or groups who may need to know about the username change.

  • smaller

    Speedtelescopel, I can see that you won't need to make any announcement like that, because it's clear that your username will be "clueless_and_out_of_touch".

  • Xiao Tian18th

    i got scammed in the game after scammer using nitro to duplicate trusted seller discord id.

    i think i never see any communication application that has a feature for user to changes his identifier identically to another user. such a big joke feature. now is more easily to impersonating people.

    nitros feature prioritize money over convenience


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