Whatever you do, don't ruin the username system


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  • SecondUNIT

    I want to point out that this is one of the most polite, respectful, and well-written posts on this topic.
    Instead of targeting a system that is a non-issue (even for Admins/Devs, where there is a User ID system for bans and strike systems), please consider better integration between current Discord accounts and the support/helpdesk. Because I think it was highly unnecessary for me to make an additional account to add my two cents on this issue, especially since I have not and intend never to change my Discord tag.
    Perhaps I'm just an outlier, but I would rather not fight thousands of other users for the username "SecondUNIT" like I've had to on several other platforms. I do not trust the fact that my account is 7 years old, and may have earlier priority over other users. The fact that I could makes this feel like a disingenuous system as well.

    Please, make more effort to actually ask your community for their input on new features. No one should have to enable Dev Mode just to get an advanced notice that you're about to make a poor decision to integrate with Pomello.
    I don't want to threaten my Nitro, but I will. I do not need it to continue to play with my friends, and if all else fails, there's always Skype or Teamspeak. I have stuck by Tumblr; I will hold onto my archaic internet practices. 

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    +1, also bonus points for the formal letter.


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