The new username change is dumb


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  • Teddie

    There is nothing hard about remembering 4 numbers, in fact its super easy to find them if you forget! This is solving an issue that isn't real. I can only perceive this change as an attempt to be like all the other social media out there. There are going to be so many stupidly long names and xXxstupidnamexXx and 34__jerkoff_2000 oh but don't forget its two underscore before jerkoff and one after. I have a short and sweet username and I'm going to lose it because of this. Who will i be after this? Who the hell knows. I've spent my whole life trying to get into older MMOs and being so irritated that I can't use the username I want because its already taken. This is the stupidest direction to take the platform. Discord for me is small and private. Who cares if there's 1000 people out there with the same username as me? I won't meet them and my friends wont either, so why should I have to change mine so we can all be uNiQuE?? Fuck off with that shit.

  • Ender
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