Please don't remove the username number discriminators


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  • 2sev

    Agreed. this change seems like a very bad idea

  • Henry Purrkyll

    They're genuinely acting like it'll be useful when it clearly won't, and as you said, there will be numbers added on the end anyway if usernames aren't unique, it's absolutely pointless, but discord is doing it anyway just so they can fit in with other social media.
    We have user IDs unique to us anyway if all else fails so I really don't get this choice, no one asked for it, no one wanted it, but they've shown time and time again they don't care, and it's so frustrating.

  • N1C0.exe(OLD)


  • finch

    I second this. Discord always stood out from the other social media apps with this feature and now they’re trying to fit into the now norm that the bigger companies have set. This would be a great hit to Discord’s authenticity, and simply annoying for us users. As said above it’s purely pointless, and it will only make my time and a lot of other users’ time spent on the app worse

  • Gamer tag lover 1043

    Tags are iconic to Discord and without them you can have SOOO many less unique usernames, and you can be found so much easier

    i made an account just to upvote this!!

  • Estrella

    I still don't get who asked for this change-- like? there is literally not one single pro about this.

  • Lamoorgalore

    Reading their reasons for changing the system don't feel real. I've talked to my friends and none of them say that they've had difficulty with adding people on discord. And having case-sensitive names along with the number discriminator gives the user much more control over the people they can have added. This change along with other changes feels like Discord just wants to become more like other social media sites.

  • K.F.

    Personally don't understand why Discord has come out with this all of a sudden, don't think it's anything that's going to take off or be received well among users, especially ones that know their username and discriminator by heart, and yet I feel like this is going to be forced on users whether they like it or not.

    Going into idioms, it's like reinventing the wheel. There's nothing wrong with it in the first place, so why change it?

    Despite not being a nitro user myself, one could argue that the current system as it stands right now would grant more customisability and uniqueness compared to just a username.

    I've not had problems with adding people on Discord either, they're usually specific enough to if they have capital letters in their username and more often than not have the good grace to not have incomprehensible characters in their username.

    So yeah, there's my two cents on that matter. I'd rather not have this new username system in place and I'm certain that I'm not alone in holding any of these opinions.

  • Dionysus

    Please post concerns on the master post, too. Literally clog this site with posts about how garbage this change is with dozens of comments and upvotes on all of them and maybe they won't make this god awful change.

  • Squeaky Warrior

    Absolutely agree. Everyone likes discriminators, this change would not make things easier for anyone

  • Falcolmreynolds

    yup! Agree! +!

  • Eduard

    Yes, Please don't remove them I really like the level of Security, secrecy and that I can change my name to anything at any time without having to worry if that name is taken or not. Please do not take it it has become iconic and a part of the community!

  • Eduard

    We have 50k upvotes on the main post people saying its a bad idea. HALF A MILION PEOPLE KEEP SAYING IT STOP DESPITE NOT BEING ABLE TO ACTUALLY VOICE THEIR IDEAS. 


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  • Kraken

    If the idea was to fit social media norms, so people can put their discord user link without the #numbers, the solution could've been to allow unique id tag to nitro users, and/or members of the “creators” program.


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