Another vote to keep username discriminators - It's what makes discord good


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    Fuck Mike#0001-9999, I guess.

  • dogsong

    the transition is going to be a mess. by trying to model themselves after twitter, discord is the embracing username conflicts, squatting, impersonation and account sales (already an issue but will be made MUCH worse now), and trademark violations twitter and tumblr and gmail has to deal with constantly. twitter chose this system back in the 2000s when the internet was very different, when web design was a much less understood than it is today. twitter doesn't have this outdated username system because it's any good, they have this username system because they're literally unable to change from it.

    twitter usernames have to be unique because twitter profiles are public and searchable - everybody has contact with the entire platform. this doesn't make sense in a walled-garden platform like discord, where your account is only relevant to your friends and the servers you're in. discord profiles are deliberately NOT searchable. now you'll have to potentially compete with literally the entire platform just to have a username for your private account.

    it doesn't even make sense why they're doing this anyway. they cite examples which only make sense to boomers thinking about the pre-phone days where kids would have to remember each others' usernames and type it into the family computer once they get home. this isn't how people interact with the internet anymore. discrims not being memorable is irrelevant in practice. most people have phones these days, and can obtain their discrim and add friends on the spot. even young kids have phones, disturbingly.

    yes, people putting untypeable unicode trash into their usernames and usernames being case-sensitive is 100% a problem and i bet it's the reason people struggle to add each other, but they could offer the same solution they're doing WITHOUT removing discrims. that would put a sizeable dent on the problem, making the removal of discrims unnecessary.

    discrims are an effective solution to a difficult problem. removing them does nothing to solve the issues discord claims it would solve. the other stuff they're doing (making names case-insensitive, alphanumerics only, separating username and display name) will.

    forcing all usernames to be unique across the entire platform will also enable behavior which corporations definitely won't like. if you can squat on a trademarked name, you'll potentially get friend requests from total strangers who are just adding random names out of boredom. if you have an account name like "microsoft", guess which 1.8 trillion dollar company is gonna get antsy.

    finally, removing discrims will just lead to people putting numbers on their usernames to avoid conflicts. basically reinventing discrims, except it's way more unprofessional and desperate than having these numbers built-in, and has all the aforementioned problems.

    i know discord won't read literally any of this, and they'll go full steam ahead on it against all objections. they'll say they spent a lot of time thinking about this problem, as if that addresses any of our genuine concerns. i just wish they'd actually try to address the issues they're creating with this sloppy solution, rather than pretending there will be no issues.

  • Falcolmreynolds

    Go ahead and unsub from Nitro right now. If they scrap the dumb change, you can go ahead and re-sub. Show your displeasure with them NOW. don't threaten to show it.

    also, add your voice and opinion to the main thread as well!

  • Squeaky Warrior

    Absolutely agree

  • doodlemancy

    agreed, this is one of the features i liked the most when i signed up and i was like... i wish more places did it this way.

    i do think people should cancel subs now. you can always resub later, but once they actually start implementing the feature it'll be much harder to get them to roll it back. the best time to put the hardest pressure on them is right now, before they've actually implemented the new system.


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