Customize button colors on Discord


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  • Marcus Fox


    I can provide some insights. Customizing button colors on Discord could indeed be a useful feature for users who want more personalization options. Allowing users to specify colors in hexadecimal format (#000000) would offer a wide range of choices and flexibility.

    To ensure optimal readability, an algorithm could be implemented to automatically determine whether the text on the button should be white or black based on the chosen color. This would help maintain good contrast and readability, regardless of the selected button color. TellPopeyes Survey

    Overall, customization features can enhance the user experience and make Discord more visually appealing to individual users. However, it's important to consider potential usability issues and ensure that any customization options adhere to accessibility guidelines to accommodate users with different visual needs or impairments.


  • Bryce_June

    Hi ElyS,

    Hope so you're doing fine, I understand your interest in customizing button colors on Discord. While the platform currently offers a limited set of button colors, such as blurple, green, red, and gray, the ability to customize colors using hexadecimal values (#00000) could provide more flexibility. It would also be beneficial to have an intelligent system that determines whether the button text should be white or black for optimal readability. Customizable button colors can enhance visual aesthetics and allow users to personalize their Discord experience. Your suggestion could be valuable for improving user customization options on the platform.

    Hope so this will help you!


    Bryce June

  • 浜崎マバ

    Yeah, this would be great, tho I feel like people are gonna use the bruple type as always since it would be the one that matches Discord's color more.

  • ajay murmu

    I completely agree with you! Adding the ability to customize button colors on Discord would be incredibly helpful. Allowing users to input hexadecimal values would provide endless possibilities for personalization. Additionally, implementing an intelligent system to determine the optimal text color for readability would ensure a polished and user-friendly experience.  Check: Snack Video App


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