The next Nitro feature should be customer service


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  • frdg

    Discord's customer service is not handled by Discord themselves, but rather outsourced to a third-party company. Since Discord, like any other business, prefers to cut costs wherever possible, they are most likely not paying for the most premium version of this outsourced customer service, which results in a lack of customer agents. Making a customer service dedicated to Nitro subscribers might split up the work a bit, but I doubt it would change Discord's outsourcing method.

  • alanstatener

    I think you have to be careful about choosing reputable back office outsourcing services. It looks like Discords gone for a very inexpensive package manned mainly by bots. While we’re living in a high-tech age, this is disappointing. We do want to be able to contact a person when the bots can’t, or won’t help. I think maybe you need to stay on them about this issue. Are there other disgruntled customers experiencing similar problems. I’m lucky in that I’ve not had to lodge a service ticket yet and I hope I never do. Unfortunately, until this issue starts costing them actual money in the form of customers leaving, they probably won’t feel inclined to do much about it. Here’s hoping that they decide to make the switch.


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