Program window and hibernation


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  • Manic_D

    Turning my monitor off & on is causing Discord to freeze. Happens every time now. Started a couple of updates ago. 

  • christizzz

    same problem...when the monitor exist sleeps (my pc doesnt sleep)... discord is freezing... i need to show desktop... then it will unfreeze if i open it again from the icon near the clock in the task ar

  • Die happy

    The freezes, by the way, if the discord window was full screen when the monitor went to sleep.
    And in general, it is not the window that hangs, but the entire system until you turn off the discord.

    But since the discord (finally) learned to remember its size and position on the screen, as well as on what screen it should be at all, it is possible to avoid these system freezes for now by stretching the window to the desired size and clicking on the cross while holding the shift key (thus window, its size and position on the desktop will be remembered). 

  • Oh_Alpha_Q_Up

    Also having this issue. I tried everything that I saw recommended (disabling hardware acceleration, enabling compatibility mode, and reinstalling after deleting all the app data folders) but it's still happening. 

  • grek64

    Hey i also having this issue. To addition in my case it also happens after pluging and unpluging the laptop for the monitors

  • AFK Queen

    Same issue here. Would like to see a fix at some point. Getting real annoying.

  • ActionBrother

    Same problem here when waking PC from sleep. It looks almost like a screenshot of Discord was taken when I made the PC go into sleep mode. The close button (top right 'X') is highlighted in red like you are hovering over it but Discord responds to nothing. Reopening Discord (so not closing it, just opening it again) fixes it for me, Discord opens again and works without a problem... So I don't have to (force) close it first via the tray icon or task manager.

  • Matthew Bourdon

    Similar issue if I leave the Discord window open when my monitor turns off after X period of time. When I wake my computer, the Discord window will be frozen open, and usually the scaling of the window has changed, (I use 100% scaling in Window Display settings), by about +25%.

    The way to fix the issue for me is to right click the Discord icon in the system tray, click "Quit Discord", and re-start the program. More of a nuisance for me. 

  • Apocalypse612

    Same exact problem. When are you guys gonna fix this? I found threads about this problem from almost a year ago. 

  • Term-X

    Same issue here. I feel like it has something to do with my screens (which are connected via DisplayPort) being redetected when they come out of sleep mode. The main window for the client is always hung, but I can quit the app from the tray and restart. I suspect this might be wreaking havoc on the desktop dimensions and is what triggers the hang or something, but totally just a guess. Actually, yes this is totally it. You can reproduce this on demand even without sleeping. Just open the Discord client. Make sure it's maximized to the monitor. Then change the desktop resolution of the monitor and the client will hang.

    Please fix as this occurs with low power mode with display port monitors as well as the monitors become "disconnected" and "reconnected".

    Also, this is incorrectly categorized under API. This is not an API issue.

  • luckypenny13

    I have had an issue with a frozen version of discord appearing when i turn off my monitors, it happens when i turn off 1 of them so seems to be when display settings change (when the pc cant detect the monitor anymore and defaults back to 1 screen). It seems to be ever since the update.

    Solution: i managed to stop it by turning the minimize to tray option off in settings, this stopped the issue (at the cost of the functionality). turning the setting back on brought the issue back and turning the setting off again has stopped it so this seems to be the solution until a bug fix arrives, hopefully we wont have to wait for a major update to get it sorted. This worked for me and hopefully will be of use to someone else. 

  • jpvanoosten

    Same issue here. 

    I have a dual-monitor setup:

    1. Samsung SMS24A450 @ 1200x1920 @ 100% scaling (Portrait orientation)
    2. Samsung U28E850 @ 3840x2160 @ 150% scaling (Landscape orientation)

    Both displays are connected to Nvidia RTX Titan X (Display 1 using DVI, Display 2 using MiniDP).

    OS: Windows 10 Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.804)

    The issue is reproducible by following these steps:

    1. Open Discord desktop app
    2. Make sure "Minimize to Tray" option is enabled
    3. Maximize the Discord window (window must be maximized to reproduce the issue)
    4. Close the Discord window (only minimizing the Discord window does not reproduce the issue)
    5. Display sleeps (either by powering off the display, OS power mode, monitor power save, or change display input - doing this forces Windows to change the display configuration)
    6. Wake up display
    7. Discord window is frozen

    Expected behavior:

    Discord window does not reopen when the display configuration changes.

    The current workaround is:

    1. Disable "Minimize to Tray" (this will cause Discord to close when the window is closed)
    2. Don't maximize the Discord window
    3. Use a window manager like Divvy, or DisplayFusion to resize the window to cover the screen without having to maximize the window
    4. Relaunch Discord (either through the system tray, or just relaunch the Discord application)


  • conor

    I have the same problem as the above. Discord freezes into a static unresponsive mode when the computer wakes up from sleep, even if there is no active window open before going to sleep.

    I also have a Windows 10 (10.0.19041) laptop with a couple external monitors - one connected via HDMI and one connected via USB-C which runs through an adapter to VGA. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. Both the monitors are Viewsonic 1920x1080 monitors.

    Something interesting I've noticed - I see basically an identical behavior with Slack. So I think Windows must have done something wonky in a recent update that's throwing them both off.

  • Icepacker

    The Windows update hypothesis doesn't work for my scenario, as I've been experiencing this issue since at least before Christmas, and I didn't update Windows to the current version until last week.  The update did not fix the issue.

    If I pretend the Discord frozen screen doesn't exist, and I open Discord from the icon in the system tray, it erases the frozen screen with the present-time version.  My drives don't sleep, but my display does, and this happens whenever it returns from sleep.  It doesn't seem to be affected if I manually turn my monitor off/on, so it seems to me that it is an issue with the way Discord, or Discord-like programs, operate with respect to Windows turning off display functionality.

  • Term-X

    It’s has to do with the screen size changing. It’s simple to reproduce. Maximize the window and change the resolution of the screen it’s on. It will freeze. Newer displays will disconnect when sleeping which causes the geometry of the desktop to change which is why it happens on sleep also.

  • Franco

    I managed to reproduce the problem ALWAYS:

    1.  NOTE: this does NOT work if both monitor have the SAME RESOLUTION.
    2. Use 2 different resolution. In my case, a monitor a 2k, an the other 1k.
    3. Wait the monitors to suspends because of inactivity.
    4. Wait at least 10-15 minutes
    5. Login to windows again
    6. Windows bug merge all windows into the main screen.
    7. If discord was one of them, it CRASH / FREEZE and use a lot of GPU.

    Just came to post that I'm having this issue.  

  • WolfEditsYT

    I just got this issue yesterday and it pisses me off because it made me disconnect from a "Last to leave from vc" event that if you wing you get 15$ robux gift card and 1 Billion trade bux

  • TheEvilShadoo

    Just wanted to post in this thread that I also have this issue and have had it since around December.

  • DavidV

    Same thing is happening to me.  

  • Elmo_God

    I also wanted to say I have this issue and I hope it gets resolved.

  • Vio

    Really getting sick of coming back after locking my computer for a while to find a grey fullscreen discord window waiting. (btw while it doesn't stop the grey fullscreen, disabling hardware acceleration for discord seems to stop it locking up - double clicking discord tray icon afterwards restores it)


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