Screen sharing for stage moderators


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  • Madis

    Great idea, it would be really good if Discord could also add camera support. It would be quite good for live podcasts or for teaching to large groups.

  • CHAD

    Nepfilheim In their announcement, they stated "no video or screen share options currently." Since they used the word 'currently', you can assume they are planning to add those features eventually. 

  • Veriate

    I hope they add it soon because one of my server planned on using stage for Jackbox games that require presenting so no one talks over and with no screen sharing that will be pretty difficult 😢😅

  • Andrey Luiz

    Sharing a screen in a conference is a must-have tool. Honestly, the tool is not very useful, and the audience will sleep in the chairs if no slides are shared, or something. Give some love for this request. I think it is really important.

  • Spelkington

    This 1000%! I run a discord server that also functions as a student-run class management system at my University. This feature would allow me to use Stage Channels to run lectures, which would absolutely revolutionize how myself (and an increasing number of educational orgs) use the feature!!

  • Ismael

    100% Agreed

  • Binkus

    I have a discord where we have tournaments and a channel like this where two people could share screens and the rest could just watch to save bandwidth would be so amazing 


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