New blurple is causing eye strain


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  • Ashat Maself

    also its awful for some types of colourblindness

  • Okken Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    I had to physically lower the saturation on my 2nd monitor because of those new colors, how did the entire discord staff look at this for hours on and not get any reactions?

  • Takado

    As someone who gets migraines from high contrast lights and colours, I literally can't use Discord anymore, the new blue is so intense and high contrast that it started to give me a migraine within a matter of minutes. I don't think they brought these changes before anyone who knows anything about accessibility in design.

  • Rie Takahashi

    Was just about to make the same post.

    It's too vibrant and hurts my eyes. I love the new dark green being used - but the new blurple genuinely hurts my eyes (even if I only look for a second) and I have to look away. it's making it extremely unusable and I'm going to have to resort to themeing my client to resolve the issue.

  • liyud

    I won't break ToS to revert it. Discord needs to fix the ongoing issues with the rebranding and actually listen to community members.

  • Noah🌿

    I’m color blind and it gives me a seizure just looking at it

  • Eggy


  • Sock


  • ឵spongey

    I developed Macular degeneration just by looking at it

  • Tranquillity

    I am very sensative to bright colours. White backgrounds like google page, bright reds, blues and many other colour variants.

    The new update gives me eye strain and a headache very quickly.

    Not to mention I honestly just preferred the old colour scheme it was easy on the eye with darkmode enabled, the red pings were easy to see. Where these new white one's JUMP OUT of the page at me and all the rest of the screen goes dark. So trying to read messages around these pings is night impossible for me...

    I just really struggle with these changes...

  • qwertyuiop678

    there's absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes or head but i am getting a horrible headache looking at the rebranding, put the old color back or let people toggle.

  • Alzhe


    If going through their platforms is not enough, you will have to go spam them on Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.

    I'm tired of staring at myself.
    Also, personally, I loved the "blurple" as it was included before the change.

  • MochaNeko

    I've taken various quizzes that say I have near perfect color vision and the new blurple really bothers me. It's *just* too saturated and hurts my eyes, even just in my Windows Taskbar with the dark background. It doesn't hurt as much on the white background, but it seems hard to focus on?

    I do also have issues with super high contrast stuff. Black on white is too stark for me, I usually need just below white and a deep gray to be comfortable, so idk if all of that's related or not. Maybe Discord could give a theme saturation setting or something?

  • MobCat

    Look I get your trying to be friendly and vibrant but this is too much man.
    Your contrast is wayy to high and it stands out way to much, things that are meant to be notifications become warnings.
    I get it but this new blue is to much like facebook blue and it weirds me out.
    If you want to stand out sure, but for the desktop users that have this app open 24/7 its starting to cause eye strain, give us an option to go back or pick our own colors in the app without needing to dig around in the experiments menu or just hacking the desktop app. Thankyou.


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