New "Blue" color is way too vibrant. Bring the old "Soft Blue" back please!


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  • Averie

    yeah, what is it with companies oversaturating everything, it just hurts to look at. literally.
    the muted colours were FINE, better even, but i guess we cant have nice things >:(

  • I am a dalek

    the muted colors is why i LIKED discord, now it's too bright and really hurts to look at.

  • c

    i agree. it's irritating to to look at

  • Alavna

    The new colour is really hard to read on a dark background. Just looking at the new logo and Discord name up the top of this forum hurts my eyes. It's hard to focus on and read clearly.

    I love colourful things (especially if my Rocket League colour choices are anything to go by haha) but not when it gets in the way of me reading or identifying something.

  • WingedHarmony

    The new colouring doesn't contrast well with anything. It's hard to read on a dark background, yet contrasts too harshly with light backgrounds, causing it to be quite irritating to look at.

    The lighter, more pastel colours before the redesign worked almost flawlessly due to working well in relation to their surroundings. The new ones just... don't.

    I'm not the biggest fan of the redesigned stuff in general, such as the font and logo, however those aren't legitimate accessibility issues like the new colouring is.

    Please dull them down just a soft bit, Discord. Either that, or give them a context that works well without seeming too harsh.

  • Tranquillity

    I am very sensative to bright colours. White backgrounds like google page, bright reds, blues and many other colour variants.

    The new update gives me eye strain and a headache very quickly.

    Not to mention I honestly just preferred the old colour scheme it was easy on the eye with darkmode enabled, the red pings were easy to see. Where these new white one's JUMP OUT of the page at me and all the rest of the screen goes dark. So trying to read messages around these pings is night impossible for me...

    I just really struggle with these changes...


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