Nitro Regional Pricing in Turkey


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  • Rsevgilig2g

    It's not 43.68% it's just on paper actual inflation rate is over 250% already everything up so badly.

  • angelili

    Additional to this as proof, the hunger limit in Turkiye is 10.360 TRY while the minimum wage is 8.506 TRY which clearly shows any entertainment related shopping (such as nitro) is limited to the minimum for the turkish citizens. Inflation doesn't mean we can afford it because everything is more expensive now.

  • Qusai Nasir

    this price is too high, it is a service from discord so why you making it that hard for us? :(

  • Namn97x1

    I wish if they return the old price. The new prices is too expensive for us!

  • Alexander Who

    they do not care...

  • hasbullah

    this is too expensive and greedy, shame.


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