Ability to transfer a username to another account


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  • Dilawar Mughal

    Hi everyone! I completely agree with the idea of having a username transfer option on Discord. It's quite common for users to create new accounts for various reasons, and being able to transfer their old username to the new account would be incredibly convenient.

    Having the ability to retain your preferred username, especially if you've been using it for a while and it's well-known among your friends and communities, would make the transition to a new account much smoother. It would also help avoid confusion for others who are trying to find and connect with you.

    Implementing this feature would not only benefit individuals but also contribute to the overall user experience on Discord. It shows that the platform values its users' preferences and strives to provide practical solutions to common situations.

    Let's hope that Discord takes note of this suggestion and considers implementing the username transfer option soon. I believe it would be a valuable addition and enhance the already fantastic Discord community. Fingers crossed! 🤞

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  • Layne Gerhold

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