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  • Tylaxe

    Buffy i appreciate the response but again this seems out of hand and it doesn't seem to be addressed. I know your probably doing your job and so is trust/safety, but solving a ticket to completion makes more sense to me than leaving them open or someone being assign to the ticket and then being unassigned. 

  • Venexis

    To clarify, nobody here is staff or has anything to do with the Discord team, regardless what they sign their messages with.

    It's hard to understand because it requires accepting an unpleasant truth- that Discord does not care about us or our issues. They refuse to even tell people reaching out what they're doing wrong, if anything, and then mark unresolved issues as solved regardless. The feedback forums are full of these tales. If Discord actually wanted to help anybody, they could change up their support policies, bring on more members, etc… and instead of doing that, things have only become worse over the past few months.

    This has gone on for far too long. It's my stance that it's time to leave for a service willing to offer its userbase the baseline level of respect Discord is incapable of. Revolt ( was that service for me, and I'd encourage everybody to strongly consider kicking Discord into the trash bin where it belongs.

  • Amy

    The System will also auto resolved tickets when no one is assigned to. (It's likely happen when the system has assigned the max amount of employees on the tickets and starts to mark other tickets that cant be assigned by the agents and staff to resolved

    This is completely false. You're not helping by spreading misinformation. 


  • Buffy

    Hey there Amy,

    I have some experience with ZenDesk and there is a option for an Automation to close tickets when the agent has not been assigned or ticket has not been active for a while.

  • Venexis

    So what I'm hearing is, if the user is determined to get their problem solved or question answered and is occasionally following up (hello yes I fall into this group myself), Discord is aware their automation process is not assigning agents to all tickets, and furthermore, they have no inbuilt system of reminders to reassign any unanswered queries that have slipped through to available agents in the future?

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, but that, coupled with the general rebuttal to users with these issues of “just wait, bro” seems to suggest there's no winning option for any of us. Either the automation fails when a user is persistent, and nothing is done; or the ticket is inactive when a user is not persistent, and nothing is done. It's absurd either way. I will reiterate, this very much seems to be solely an issue of Discord having no real desire to address anything- it bothers me there's people still willing to defend this. It's time to leave, straight up.


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