Avatar Decorations are egregiously overpriced.


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  • Jude Smyly

    Couldn't agree more, this is such an unbelievably blatant cash grab, insane price for a few pixels of an animated sticker over your pfp, who thought this was a good idea

  • worMatty

    This is not a Nitro issue but I am in 100% agreement with you.

    The current price range is poor value for money in comparison with the sorts of things you can buy for the same amounts. One month of Nitro bestows upon the user a plethora of useful and fun functions and customisations. One month of Netflix grants hours of entertainment and mental stimulation, as would an indie game from Steam. 

    The price deters me from buying them as I do not wish to appear as if I have more money than sense. If the prices were reasonable, then I would buy them, and would probably spend at least the same amount, because they would feel like better value.

  • Solar ✰

    I agree, they're pretty overpriced. It's more than half the price of nitro itself (two times as expensive as a month of basic too!). 

  • Viper

    2 months ago? I'm just seeing them now and decided to search and see if anyone else thought Discord lost their ever loving minds!? There's one I'd love to have, but not at all for EIGHT FREAKIN DOLLARS…to put a gif around my Avatar!? 

    Get the hell out of here, Discord.


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