[Suggestion] Screenshare clips available as attachment in Slash Commands


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  • MineOnlyDiamonds

    It's possible! If you use Discord.js v13 or newer it's possible to get with this code:

    const { SlashCommandBuilder } = require('@discordjs/builders');
    const data = new SlashCommandBuilder()
    	.setDescription('Sends a random gif!')
    	.addAttachmentOption(option =>
                .setName('your Attachment')

    I'm sure it's possible even in Discord.py or any other language.

  • Lucky

    Thanks for answering but as of now, attachment options don't have access to discord local clips. What I mean is, as of now, you need to download the clip you made with Screenshare clips, download it and then use it in the attachment options. What I suggest is to remove the part where you need to download, just simply use the screenshare clip folder as an option for attachments. Don't know if I made it clear as I am not a native speaker.


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