A Review of the New Mobile UI (The Good AND The Bad)


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  • Gwanda

    The new colors and the high contrast are hostile to disabled users :( I do appreciate the easier media searching, but it's pointless if I can't look at the app 

  • Scramblecat

    Gwanda That's what I was trying to get at when I said ‘the old layout was easier on the eyes’, yeah-- I'll edit the post to clarify that! And I have to agree. I hope they at the very least give you the option for the older colors, for y'all's sake. I've been seeing a lot of people saying the same thing.

  • Mike

    The first thing i noticed when i got the new update was that the member list was gone. and instead it open “reply to message”.

    Loosing the easy access to the members list is the biggest loss and i want that back.

  • Lian

    this new ui is so clunnky, difficult, confusing, cluttered and just painful it even made me sign a pettition as i know discord only says they listen to their user base but everyone knows they ignore it same with the pain of voice notes which almost no one uses other than on accident. lets hope they listen now especially when it is formulated as well as this. 

  • Banana oou nah nah

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. It’s a nice change from all the “I hate it” posts. I feel as though Discord will, hopefully, read the more in depth posts about why this UI change is so horrible and take our concerns into consideration and make big changes.  

  • Scramblecat

    Banana oou nah nah I agree honestly. I’m hoping Discord will actually listen to the overwhelming hatred this time, and I made this post to say that there’s ways to change things without destroying the entire UI, and that we’re not just being fussy because we hate change. People are always going to hate change, but this isn’t something minor that people can just ‘get used to’, as much as Discord wants that.

  • ÐataLogicał Contiηuity

    This is probably the best review of the app I've seen so far. 

  • Safinrahman422

    I was looking something like this. Yes. At first I was in my PC when I got new updates there I at first didn't see much I noticed when saw at the thread icon. After a while my server mates one by one started to complain and then when I went to my phone I immediately understood why, it is way to drastic change at once also without any control to what we actually want, I thought they could do change UI based on whoever likes which one. The biggest blow is infact the Member list and DM displacement. They are way too inconvenient to the update.

  • Stardust

    Ohh, heyy, someone else had this same idea.
    Going to bump this post, first off: deserves more attention, more work was put in, and it considers more perspectives than just “all good”/"all bad." THANK you for doing your part in giving specific and actionable feedback.
    What seems to be the case, at least for the most part, is that users are okay with some of the functional changes. The pinned channels, personalised notifications, easier Private/Direct/Group Message/Channel creation, etc. What is maybe being less okay is the complete and total UI overhaul that came with those changes.
    Hoping Discord devs consider some of this at least.

  • ikrakhan


    I am grateful that you took the time to write this bolg for A New Mobile USER ( good or Bad Review) . A pleasant change from the numerous "I love it" posts from New UI users. I have the impression that I will, hopefully, read the longer articles explaining why this UI change is so terrible, take our complaints seriously, and implement significant modifications. 


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