An option needs to be added to re-enable the old UI


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  • aliveXiphoid

    truly! it hasn't hit me yet, thank the gods, but even looking at a *screenshot* of the new ui is hard bc that kind of high contrast triggers my migraines. discord is going to become unusable to me.

  • Siirgery.

    I just switched my app to the new layout, to show a friend how truly overwhelming it is for me as someone with ASD. only to now find out, I can't switch it back like I used to be able to, causing a meltdown due to now being forced to keep the change which was previously optional. I find the app now unusable on mobile, which is a shame as it is how I would communicate to a lot of my friends easiest as I could personalise emojis and express myself easier. It is now taking me multiple clicks to get to a place that used to take me 1-2 clicks, which just makes everything more difficult when Discord was trying to make the app “easier to access”, which has instead made everything confusing and time-consuming for their users. Overall, I highly dislike this new layout update as I personally did not mind about mobile being a smaller version of the desktop rather than it being its own thing. We have used this “smaller desktop” layout for years now, hence we are all used to its appearance and we know where everything is homed at.

    Discord please allow us to reuse the old layout again, there's no need to copy facebook messenger with your layout when the old one worked perfectly fine!


  • Squeaky Warrior

    Dear God yes, I absolutely hate the new UI and having an option to go to the old one would benefit everyone because this who like the new one can keep it

  • imacoolood

    The new UI is really slow even if it supposedly makes the app open faster. I didn't notice the app opening faster but I noticed it being basically unusable. I was barely able to customize it enough that it didn't hurt my head to look at and read. Jumping between chats feels like using the crazy UI on scifi tech made by people that don't quite understand how computers work. It may work for some people but I don't even use the app on only mobile so the seamless interaction the desktop and mobile apps were approaching also got killed. Not to mention the change means everything is exactly one space off of where I put it and where it is every time I use my computer.

  • Louie Callisto

    The new UI changes the whole flow of Discord and totally ruins the point. I'd rather use normal texting or even Telegram instead, because they work just as well for the main feature of Discord. My friends too, most of which are neurodivergent, can't stand it either because the muscle memory we had is lost and nothing is accessible anymore.

  • DeJesster

    I just got it pushed to me and good lord the mobile experience is awful now. Just put it back to normal please. Please. It used to be so straight forward and now it's a complicated mess. Swiping one way opens your server list, but swiping the other makes you reply??? Now to see the server list I have to hit the search button?? To get to the last DM I was in I still have to open the server list, but then I have to hit a new button down at the bottom to enter a new tab to then load that DM? Or maybe me tapping my screen just barely the wrong way causes the app to bug out and send me to some random DM or server. It's a mess.

  • Daniel

    I accidentally got stuck with the new UI yesterday. Anytime I use Discord on my phone I now have headaches.

  • Rose

    I absolutely think it should say least be optional, though I like the dark mode features. Basically everything can be optional, including text size.

  • Dafee1347

    You can no longer check user information on the server using the mobile app. Dragging from right to left will only reply to comments and have no other effect. 

  • Ruth Arendse

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  • Niya69

    Yeah bro, I literally changed to new layout to show my friend what horrendous and horrible thing they have done to discord layout, then when I tried to change it back as before, THERES NO OPTION FOR THAT, bro… please atleast bring the O P T I O N back


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