Discord keeps sending me multiple emails saying "Discord Nitro subscription is expiring soon." Stop it.


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  • azhtral

    Extremely annoying how frequently they bombard you about Nitro expiration! Gift Nitro should NOT auto-renew anyway, ever. But I do not need a notification AND email every single day for a week begging me for my money to unlock features such as USING MY OWN EMOTES IN MY OWN DISCORD. 

  • imouse1

    I have no idea why you would want to quit Nitro with its lack of features, gross lack of support, and nothing that you couldn't get for free.

  • Jan

    I mean don't get me wrong, some of the features Nitro does provide are pretty good (esp the message file size extension), but then again ⅔ of the features are mainly cosmetic, which help you brag to other users that “hey, look at me, I paid for something that I definitely don't need!!!”

     This whining definitely doesn't help in upholding their customers though lmao. I would understand 1 or 2 reminders, but spamming you everyday just screams desperation. 

  • Local Midas

    Has there been any solution to this so far as to how to turn off these emails or something? 
    I'm currently taking a break from discord for personal reasons and therefor won't need my nitro until i return and i've literally been getting an email about my nitro expiring every. single. day, for more than a week now and it's seriously starting to get on my nerves. if anyone knows anything to put a stop to these emails, please let me know asap.


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