Polls Server Permissions


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  • zariem

    Adding a custom permission for this is really essential for admins and mods to prevent spam or worse.

    Adding polls for everyone, yet having it be such a new/unique feature that many security bots will need some time to adapt to will also leave many bots temporarily powerless to act on specific, custom things (that automod doesn't cover!) that appear in polls. This is a hazard for servers and will require a big additional moderation effort, that is not helped by the fact that there is no easy way to search for “has: poll” yet.

  • bloody bee wasp

    Absolutely agree.

    I rarely come here to post about features however this concerned me and I want to see change in this feature. I don't want community members to post polls in certain chats. I don't want people using polls in general until I can see how it aligns with what we would use it for. We already have issues in our community with spam from polls and when I wanted to turn the feature off I was genuinely shocked to not see a permission for it.

    More features are welcome but when they are not able to be controlled properly it is an absolute headache for us. People have group chats and dms to test these kind of features so its okay to not force servers to have polls.

  • giantkin

    soon as i seen Poll option i started looking for the permission for it.

    At best its annoying to be randomly in the converation.

    I have Poll channel to keep them there.


  • CustardWalker

    Really don't know how this wasn't immediately a thing. 

  • MaicolFrantech

    I had not seen this thread, which is why I created another one before that is about the same thing.

    I hope they do something about this problem, it is absurd to leave this function to the user's freedom and at the same time dangerous due to its possible spam.

  • Root

    giantkin You posted a link to this post in here, why?

  • giantkin

    oops lol  not enough coffee  thanks

  • Rachel 2000

    PLEAAAAAASE. I have a 100k server and it's been crazy. How can you link something like this to a permission to type? 

  • Mango

    I'm going to have to completely agree with this, I made a post about this earlier (deleted due to knowing this existed before hand). I mod for a server with 400k+ people and being unable to disable this has been a big annoyance for everyone to take care of.

  • 🐧Master3395🐧

    I didn't see this post before i posted it on github also.

  • PenGuin

    I speak on behalf of a 1.2 million-user server and appropriate-sized moderation team. Releasing these features without appropriate restrictions and controls is concerning. Not all servers need to operate with these features. We can't even restrict it to a specific channel. I agree a permission setting alone is necessary for organization and structure. 

    In addition, a poll-specific slow mode separate from the message slow mode would be a welcome addition, allowing polls and chat to co-exist but preventing excessive polls from being created that take up considerable screen space within chats and can be very disruptive. 

  • 404

    Yeah! +1 on that. A role permission for polls should be mandatory!

  • bobbledbobby

    Good idea. In the meantime, I think you can use a bot to automatically delete them though.

  • Root

    They have updated it and added Role Permission to polls, so you can restrict users from using polls in your discord server now!


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