Add option to set global keybinds. New keybinds need to be added.


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  • Lorena lopez

    In conclusion, expanding the range of keybindable actions in Discord and allowing for global keybind usage would significantly enhance the user experience and versatility of the platform. These additions would cater to a wide range of users, including streamers, multitaskers, and regular users, by providing quick access to Discord functionalities without interrupting ongoing tasks.


    • Global keybinds in Discord, such as mute and deafen, offer valuable shortcuts while actively using the application. However, the current range of available actions and keybinds is limited. There's an opportunity to expand these functionalities to cover a broader range of actions and allow users to set custom keybinds for various Discord functions, even when not actively using the Discord window.

    More Keybindable Actions:

    • Discord should offer the ability to assign custom keybinds to every possible action within the application. This includes navigating to specific pages like ongoing calls, direct messages, or channels. Additionally, users should be able to assign keybinds for joining or leaving specific voice calls with friends or server voice channels. A significant addition would be the ability to stream the currently active program with a keybind, facilitating quick sharing of screens without interrupting the primary task, such as gaming.

    Ability to Use Keybinds Globally:

    • While some keybinds are restricted to Discord for good reason, users with available unused buttons or keybinds should have the option to set them globally. This would enable executing Discord actions seamlessly while focused on other tasks, eliminating the need to switch back to the Discord window. Each custom keybind should have a toggle switch to make it global, ensuring actions are only triggered when intended, even across different applications.

    Final Thoughts:

    • Implementing these enhancements would greatly enhance the convenience and versatility of Discord for all users, including streamers, dual-monitor setups, and everyday users. These features would redefine how Discord is used, providing a seamless experience that aligns with the diverse needs of its user base. It's a crucial addition that would elevate Discord's functionality as a fundamental communication tool.

    By enabling custom keybinds for every possible action within Discord, users would have greater control and efficiency in navigating the platform, accessing specific pages, and managing voice calls seamlessly. The ability to use keybinds globally, while focused on other applications or tasks, would streamline workflow and eliminate the need for constant tab-switching.

    Overall, these proposed enhancements represent a fundamental shift in how Discord is utilized, offering a more intuitive and tailored experience for all users. Official Site Implementing these features would cement Discord's position as a leading communication platform, meeting the evolving needs of its diverse user base.


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