Issues with changing my discord status


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  • Mikeila sky

    issue was resolved btw

  • Anthony Jones

    It seems you’re having trouble changing your Discord status from “online” to “Do Not Disturb” (DnD). 

    Let’s troubleshoot this issue:

    Manual Override:
    To change your status, left-click your user avatar in the lower-left corner of the Discord client.
    You’ll see a status-picker menu pop up with four options:
    Online: You’ll appear with a green circle beside your avatar.
    Idle: Normally, you’ll switch to idle automatically if you’re AFK, but you can manually select it.
    Do Not Disturb (DnD): Your avatar will have a red circle, and desktop notifications will be muted.
    Invisible: You’ll appear offline but can still access Discord normally.
    You can also create a custom status to personalize it further.

    Auto Disable DND:
    Discord doesn’t automatically change your status to DnD. You need to manually set it.
    Once set, Discord will silence all notifications until you modify your status again.

    Restart and Check Settings:
    After changing your status, restart Discord to ensure the update takes effect.
    In Discord settings, verify that you’ve selected the correct status (DnD) and that it’s not overridden by any other settings.

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  • Tero

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