discord should add custom permissions


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  • Vmite

    Just use the role id to check if the user should have access to the command. I'm assuming this is a private discord bot if not this solution will still work using a database to store the role id's

  • Testacc78903456

    there will be a lot of roles so its gonna take a lot of time to get the role ids and do a bunch of &&s

  • Heather Anderson

    To create a Discord bot that differentiates access to commands based on roles, and particularly to distinguish a "god" role with exclusive permissions like "timeout," you can achieve this using Discord's permission system in conjunction with custom bot programming.

    Here’s a general approach to set this up:

    Define Custom Permissions: Discord doesn't allow the creation of custom permissions directly through their client interface, but you can simulate custom permissions within your bot's code by checking a user's roles and assigning capabilities based on those roles.

    Assign Roles in Discord: First, ensure that your roles are properly set up in Discord. You should have various roles, including a unique "Libgen.is " role that has exclusive permissions.

    Bot Setup: Use a Discord bot library like discord.js (for JavaScript) or discord.py (for Python). These libraries provide methods to check a user's roles and execute commands based on those roles.

    Role Check Logic: In your command handling code, you can implement logic to check if a user has the "god" role or other roles. Here is an example using discord.js:

    client.on('message', message => {
       if (message.content.startsWith('!mycommand')) {  // Replace '!mycommand' with your command
           let hasGodRole = message.member.roles.cache.some(role => role.name === 'God'); // Checks for 'God' role by name
           if (!hasGodRole) {
               return message.reply('You do not have permission to use this command.');

           // Command execution code here

    Implementing Exclusive Permissions: For permissions like "timeout" that are exclusive to the "god" role, ensure that your bot checks specifically for this role before executing any sensitive commands.

    Testing: After setting up your bot with these role checks, thoroughly test it in your Discord server to ensure that only the appropriate roles can access specific commands.

    Discord Permissions: While the above handles command access via roles at the bot level, remember that actual permissions (like managing messages, kicking users, etc.) still need to be handled through Discord's own role permission system. Ensure that your "god" role in Discord has appropriate permissions checked.

    This approach allows your Discord bot to effectively manage command access based on roles, providing a flexible way to handle permissions without needing custom permissions supported directly by Discord. 

  • Testacc78903456

    as i said, i have a lot of roles

  • Prestige Kings County Launch

    To determine whether the user should have access to the command, simply use the role id. I'm presuming that this is a private Discord bot; if not, the method—which uses a database to record the role IDs—will still function. 


  • woyejax

    Just use the role ID to check if the user should have access to the command. I'm assuming this is a private discord bot if not this solution will still work using http://iptvgenius.uk/ a database to store the role id's


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