account has been disabled for unknown reasons


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  • Julia Elser

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Discord. It can be frustrating to have your account disabled without understanding the reason behind it, especially after using the platform for so many years without any issues.

    It sounds like you've already tried reaching out through their support ticket system, but haven't received a satisfactory response. In cases like these, it's important to persist in seeking resolution.

    Here are a few steps you can take:

    Follow up on your support ticket: Even if you haven't received a response yet, continue to follow up on your support ticket. Politely request clarification on why your account was disabled and ask for assistance in resolving the issue.

    Contact Discord through other channels: If you haven't already, try reaching out to Discord through other communication channels such as email or social media. Sometimes, a different method of contact can lead to a quicker response.

    Seek community assistance: Consider reaching out to Discord communities or forums where other users may have experienced similar issues. They may be able to offer advice or assistance in resolving your situation.

    Consider contacting Discord's legal team: If you're unable to resolve the issue through normal support channels, you may consider reaching out to Discord's legal team. They may be able to provide further assistance or escalate your case.

    Ultimately, persistence and clear communication are key when dealing with account issues like these. Keep documenting your efforts to resolve the issue and continue advocating for yourself until you receive a satisfactory resolution.

  • Ansekishokuu

    I have the same problem. Three messages in 3 days about “Terms Of Service Violations”.

    I don't even talk outside of DM's and servers of my friends. I never made a hate speech to any community or race or whatever.

    I don't know what to do. Even the support team doesn't know.

  • Xionkai

    Well this also happened to me when my main discord acc(now got in recovery) got disabled for unknown reason after my phone was done charged up as I asked discord support team on my open ticket ahout this issue as waiting for their response. This is a worse day today, as I still have no idea why my main discord acc just got disabled..

  • Xionkai

    Julia Elser Question, what is Discord's legal team look like? 🤔

  • Gcoope4

    thank you for the response julia i will follow up my ticket but do you have a link or contact for discords legal team if push comes to shove

  • Chad Harp

    This happened to me as well, to both my 5 yr old account out of the blue, and a brand new one as soon as I sent my first friend invite.    Same situations, I only chat with a small groups of people I game with and I belonged to 2 channels.   I refuse to make a twitter account just to try communicating with them on that platform because they don't seem to response to their support platform.  I shouldn't have to reach them through other means when they have a support system.  It just seems like no one is manning this system.  


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