Allow server admins to view the server from the point of view of different roles



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  • Ssorin

    The reddit post got deleted,sadly

  • cark

    This would be cool but it's already been requested

  • Shikibara

    But my friend, you see, I believe the whole purpose of this thread is because everyone here already knows about making a second test account and we hate the inconvenience of that. We are not ignorant to the method, many of us are here because we've been using that method or we are intentionally wanting to avoid having to use that method. I would honestly be quite concerned if there was a user here who hadn't had the epiphany to make a second account to test permissions under the current system. Thus your suggestion of what you do is merely you stating the obvious that everyone should already know as common sense.

  • Test Account

    What I did is I made a second account called Test Account and made a role called server tester. Then I put server tester at the top of the roles and enabled manage roles for that account. When I wanted to see something from a different point of view I would make it so I had that role and got all the permissions from the role.

  • Kaicer

    There are bots that give roles with durability time.


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