Allow server admins to view the server from the point of view of different roles



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    This feature has been added!

    Server settings > roles > view server as role
  • brain

    i'd name it "preview mode"

  • Nickolodeon

    I very much agree with this idea. I believe having an option to go into a “View Mode” would be very useful, and would be way better than creating an Alt Account just to see your own Server through the eyes of a different role.


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  • WonTonMcJohn

    This is a key feature I would love to see as a server owner to save time testing permissions.

  • Skwaleks
    This could be added in the role management in the server, a button like "see server as.." And then a popup with all the roles in the server
  • Worldchanter

    I was searching for this feature a long time. Would give more than just one Vote

  • Blastoise186
    This is something that I would absolutely love to see get added to Discord! As an experienced user, I own or manage a lot of Servers and it's difficult to verify whether I've correctly set things up by myself. My current options are to ask a friend to help out or grab my testing account and swap between the two as I work. If I had the ability to temporarily "become someone else" so that I could see my Servers from a different view, that would make server setup and management so much easier. I would of course like to be able to switch between them anytime as well, but making sure that any changes are rolled back after I return to being "me" again.
  • Maudova

    Yeah, I admin 5 servers and I have to create a second account and promote/demote it from the primary to double check permissions. It’s quite a pain in the butt. Considering one of the discord servers I’m running is for a business that supports both private decision maker rooms, employee rooms, and public rooms for fans to engage the group in, this is an important function to help manage everything.

  • Alice Carroll

    I'd make "View mode" button somewhere, when you click it you enter this mode, and panel with all roles (except roles upper than your highest role) and checkboxes appears, so you can add and remove roles to your viewing "account". Also it would be cool if users had button "View as" in context menu, so you can click it and view guild as that user

  • Zacatero
    I would LOVE this!
  • willdanneriv (6) LC SER

    This is a feature that all the servers I'm in and/or help administer could benefit from. Please make this happen. Almost an essential feature for Discord server admins.

  • wan

    I believe Discord should do what YouTube did a long time ago with YouTube channels.
    You have the ability to view a channel either as yourself, a new channel viewer or as a subscriber.

    I think that discord should add a feature in the server overview settings that would allow users to switch between a server view mode.

    The setting would look something like this;

  • Hudson Bay

    I see, logging onto an alt or asking a friend can be annoying, I support this. Or atleast a button that says "view from newcomer" or  "view from subscriber" something like that, I know Youtube can put view as owner, returning sub, and newcomer

  • Hunteil

    I totally back this. I just came into ownership of my first server which was ran by friends before me. All of us struggle setting up permissions & it would be a great help to have this feature for running your servers solo.
    Another name you can use "View Point".

  • undermaster.
    I like this idea! Discord should implement this feature soon because sometimes, owners dont know if a locked channnel was really locked.
  • Aragon

    I believe the intention of this suggestion was to help admins see how their server looks to users, which could make it easier to set up permissions. Not users seeing hidden channels, just for admins.

  • Dezyox

    Superb idea ! With this, it will be more easier to make a new server and check your permissions, if it work, etc... without creating a new account, and using multiple client on the same computer, who is not authorized by Discord Tester, and it will be good for Bug Hunter

  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea for testing if everything works in your server
  • cwchristerw

    I think also this could be something like Preview as {group name}.

  • pyr0ball

    +1 from me too! Will help immensely with debugging permissions and automation

  • thetechguy
    we need this
  • lorry

    yeah we need this feature. this would be great to find out if you set up the server correctly. 

  • pepsiplayzz
    I love the idea. This would help greatly incase you needed to make sure there were no flaws anywhere.
  • Army Cop [Lead Mod]

    This would be great idea, especially for inexperienced server builders to be able to sandbox test their servers before having a bunch of their friends join only to find out permissions weren't set properly for a role & have to rework the configs again. I had this feature when I was building websites & it saved a lot of time to prevent constantly pulling the site down for maintenance to fix a bug or incorrect permission in a section of the website. 

    While building an Admin can click on a 'View As' tab & then select a role to see what that server looks like to that role. 

  • viker81

    Have a look at this tweet. It seems like they added that feature in now

  • Sem

    Basically show all channels and things like roles/audit logs? Give me an argument to upvote this

  • Dragson

    Good idea.

  • Unknown User

    What could be added is a way to temporarily disable some of your perms if you’re the owner so you can view your server. For example, if you’re the owner and want to test out if a premium only channel works, you could disable your Administrator Perm so you could see if it actually works.

  • mason!
    Would be great feature to add! I’ve always had trouble.
  • iQuick

    very nice suggestion


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