Track who joined through what invite.


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  • BigD

    Yeah, would be super helpful! or at least give the Invite a new Attribute like "Last usage" and its Value is a Datetime object

    Then we could compare when the member joined and which the latest usage was. Or the Member_join event should get also inherite the Code of the Invite

  • TreeBranch

    Please Mr. Discord! 

  • dimden

    i need this

  • Trallka

    I need this!!!!11

  • DestroyerOfWorlds

    Frankly I am shocked this doesn't exist already. It seems like a basic feature that would have been implemented into server management for the audit trail. I find myself now in a situation where this information was needed, bots are not a solution, so my hands are tied. This should totally be implemented.

  • Ross-Esmond

    Anyone who wants this to at least be added to the bot API should go vote in the API post:

    It's not currently in the API. The bots only work by waiting for a member to join and checking which invite's counter goes up. It fails sometimes, and could be better. Go check it out.


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