Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • NOE

    Why have multiple accounts? 


    There s no advantage to it unless you are actively developing on a bot or server.


    So the average user doesn't need that kind of stuff.

  • Kervaldan-ish

    I do not want my family using my account. I am not responsible for what they say and have nothing to do with that. Therefore, they have THEIR OWN accounts. Unfortunately, we are now down to one computer and they are now needing to access their accounts, all of which are used for work they do. Maybe the average user doesn't need multiple accounts, but multiple accounts in a family are not unheard of. The inability to log out so another account can log on is a problem. Use your head NOE... there is a legitimate need for the ability to log on and off.

  • NOE

    That seems unsafe in the first place:

    They can just access your account without anything stopping them from just switching to your account. 


    Not sure why you have to personally attack me but you do you mate.

  • Tyrone

    I can't believe this isn't a thing already. Please add it!

  • Sledgend

    I like this. I have a few accounts for different email addresses, and logging on and off to talk do different people about certain things is a pain. The problem would be the abuse. Bans/kicks wouldn't be nearly as effective. In fact, anyone who utilizes this feature would be able to get around a ban in seconds or minutes.

  • Zaknel

    Some people have multiple accounts for different purposes. I think this would be helpful. 

  • NaiculS
    I would love this, I personally have two discord accounts, one for personal and one for everything else, this would make using both SO MUCH EASIER, as of right now it takes forever to switch.
  • Gentlefox

    Multiple accounts would be great. I can imagine most people with a username tied to their real name don't want publicly disclose every chat they're in.

  • warlok

    This is a very needed feature. I coach an esports team at school and would very much like to have a work account and a personal one so that students can't see my details.

  • IceNinja™

    Yes please add this option as every time my son logs into his account, I have to reset my keybindings etc. It drives me up the wall. So I think each user setting should be saved to his profile and applied on log in. This will be a great addition if implemented.

  • ChrisG97 (2)

    In Slack, you can log into each server with a different email/account, and then use them all side-by-side, while keeping details segregated between servers. So you log in per server, not per instance of the Slack app. That would be the ideal setup for Discord as well, I would think.

    In the meantime, here's another potential workaround.

  • whimsyy

    Agreed, I think that would be a really nice feature to add instead of having to use two devices or the discord app and discord web at the same time, etc. I could see where it could be really frustrating to log out & miss important messages or server updates from being on a wrong account.

  • 예나

    Great idea, because if someone reports someone being abusive in vc discreetly to an admin, if a hoisted role admin then joins, they obviously inevitably stop. 

    Being able to quick switch to a "normal" account as part of moderation, would be essential.

  • Kytharsis

    @ChrisG97 I don't think Shift is a viable option considering literally every app other than Gmail requires a yearly subscription.

  • DrZombie

    Same here, 'cept that it is me and my son sharing a device, and having to change settings a couple of times per day is pretty annoying as wel. Just a dropdown menu for different users, and settings that are set by user and not by device would be a great improvement for a whole lot of people.

  • Limekilnlake

    Thus would be amazing! I use myltiple accounts for characters on dnd servers. And a feature like this would REALLY help with that

  • Plysm

    This would be a great feature because I have another account for servers I don't want to actively show up on my regular account.

  • ||Jojo||
    If this get added, please don't forget to add a Session Manager (https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360036537432) too!
  • Ki

    Yes please!

    I have a work account and a personal account (this being my personal) and it would be very nice to be able to switch between them with ease or being logged in with both at the same time and just being able to switch sessions so linking them would be great.

  • Mr. Salty Mc-Salt

    Can't you just open two tabs but log into a different account on one of them? Works for me.

  • Mr. Salty Mc-Salt

    Can't you just open two tabs but log into a different account on one of them? Works for me.

  • Stelard✨

    Personally, I would rather Discord support the ability to have multiple personas in one account. I made a suggestion for that, and was told this idea was "the same", so here I am. Here's how I think it would work:

    • Allow users to create and manage multiple personas per account, up to a limit that could be tied to your subscription level.
    • Personas have their own name#number combination, their own icon, their own friend and server lists, visibility status, etc. When someone adds that persona as a friend, they only see that name and icon, and only mutual friends/servers shared with that persona.
    • When joining a server or adding a friend while having more than one persona, you must select which persona to join or add them as.
    • To prevent abuse, you cannot join a server multiple times with different personas. (Or, alternately, at the option of the server admin this can be allowed, but it reveals the link between the personas to members of that server. In this case, the user would get a warning before being allowed to join a second persona to the server).
    • Likewise, adding the same friend multiple times with different personas would not be allowed. (However, since you would be adding the friend's persona, it could be possible for two accounts to be friends multiple times so long as at no point are two personas from the same account added to a single persona's friend list.)
    • To prevent identity fishing, the "you cannot add this person as you are already friends with them under a different persona" message would not display the other persona name, and would be shown at the 'accept friendship request' step.

    tl;dr: One login, one account, one subscription, multiple identities. With some safeguards to prevent abuse.

  • [Soliitude] Docilia

    Note that multi account management is already embedded into Google and Facebook and allow to easy switch from an account to an other one. And Google allow multi account at the same time.

    I agree, a same thing would be nice feature into Discord for some reasons including privacy.

  • Vasilis

    i was about to suggest this.

    but there is a way you can still do it , you can install discord canery (it is a super beta version of discord) for now i use canery to use my other account!

    but i have 3 accounts and i don't want to log out or launch an incognito tab to log in


    ok back to the suggestion, i think it sould be in the settings tab in discord or right clicking on the user picture where the mute button is (examples i made in 5 minutes because why not https://imgur.com/a/Iiq7oW0)  

  • Farrier

    Better handling of multiple accounts would be a significant improvement for privacy.

  • Lassesjov

    I have solved this by having both the standard Discord installed and Discord Canary installed with a different account.

    But a native solution would definitely be better.


    It would be great to have this. I run two Discord accounts (one for speaking, one for listening and funnelling the sound into OBS); having two actual instances of Discord running is a bit heavy on resources, especially on the streaming computer.

  • Scrapper

    I would love to have a multi-account feature as well. Right now I have an acccount I use for game (design). I want a separate account with another email address for work. I mean, if I can have that in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc., why not on Discord as well without having to resort to either login out and back in or using a beta version of Discord.

    Ah yes!!! This is very VERY much needed!!!
  • Klutzy
    we need this as I have 3 accounts (1 work, 1 YouTube and 1 just myself) I have different discord apps on my phone but they take up a lot of memory (from app cloner on Android) if we had this I would use discord more tbh

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