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  • Vixie.{MozzilaFurryFox}

    Alright lemme explain exactly what we want. We want the ability for people in a server who have the correct permission to upload .css file or use a built in IDE to submit css for the specific guild. Upon joining a server with custom css the user will be prompted if they wanna load arbitrary css or not (make a little tick box so they can choose to automatically always load or not load css and for this to be changable in settings.) There should restrictions in what custom css can do such as only allowing the loading of assets from discord servers so people can't associate an ip with a user by using a personal server to load an image from and corresponding the ip that connected to the image server and the user who joined the guild at the same time. You should look in depth into what css can do to make sure their aren't any possible exploits and to blacklist such code.

    You should also allow global client side CSS and options for this to override server specific CSS and exceptions to that and for it to always load server specific css instead of global. We do not want custom javascript that is a thousand exploits waiting to happen.


    If this was to be implemented, it would be ideally free for everyone. And like someone else suggested in this thread, it would be nice for iOS and Android users to have this option too. Only I also feel users should be able to input .css files themselves and design their Discords universally how they want instead of making it server moderator dependent.

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸

    Personally id rather not have to pay for using a theme or two, maybe if it was a one time fee perhaps, it should just be free to everyone, they could maybe allow nitro users to use animated themes though, they should use a system like or identical to the one bd uses

  • ⚔0BIT0⚔

    Je n'arrive pas a mettre un fond d'écran sur discord de mon portable Android vous pourriez m'aider s'il vous plaît 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Belchan~

    discord just implement this already, it's pretty clear that this this is a heavily requested feature, and for god sakes, please don't paywall it

  • esraerels

     had the same idea, but why make it server dependent? You could also just make your own custom background. Some settings, to have a transition between the regular Discord grey and your background, regulate transparency and similar stuff.

  • 💀EØZ💀

    this is  needed most definitely .. it should have been in the files from the beginning ,, because this makes discord more fun and  advertising  and appealing to the eye... 

  • ialexdodge

    I would prefer the themes to be independent of the server you are in and just have custom Discord themes as an option for the whole interface, everywhere you're at. Regardless, Custom themes are a feature I'd love to have and so I will upvote this and urge that Discord adds this feature, but perhaps altered in its usage.

  • Matsy

    How optimisable will it be? Could you pick colours or pallets for your themes? With lil yachties sound pack that they've released i think this jurney will get better soon

  • Mister Narwhal

    I just posted this on a different custom themes/solution for better discord suggestion but it's much smaller and I figured I would drop it here too as it applies to some extent and is more likely to get read.

    I really want to change up the background to something different but I'm not about to risk my account and years of stuff and connections to do it. This is a simple addition that TONS of people are asking for. You say you don't want people to use better discord, fine, that's understandable. But look at the reason people are using it, why not just implement themes and custom themes into discord. Worried about NSFW? No one is except the user is going to see it so it doesn't even matter, or just add a filter. Honestly, this is another way for you guys to make money if there was an official themes store. You could also have in-depth customization that individuals could save as presets/themes after they've made lots of changes. The possibilities are endless. The point is that people are asking for this and have been for a long time, and you ignore them. I understand you guys need to make money and are running a business, but I pointed out you could have a theme store. I personally don't understand given the circumstances why this hasn't been done yet. You guys also say that you don't want us downloading BD because of potential malware, which is understandable. But if you wanted to protect us so badly then why not just implement the themes into discord so people stop using BD and getting viruses and data stolen. I'm not downloading BD because I don't want to get my information stolen or violate ToS, but I know a lot of people don't care about that stuff and take those risks. You want them to stop taking that risk? Add themes. What do you lose by adding themes? Nothing. The vast majority of people ask for this and give us other features that are basically useless. Discord has come a long way I'll admit but this has been being requested for over three years, there's no excuse. Either tell us that it isn't ever going to happen, AND GIVE US REASONS, or make it happen. People are tired of waiting and frankly, you turn away users by ignoring the people who use your platform. Programs like this are built on the community, if you disregard it you lose the community you lose the platform. No one wants that to happen, we love discord, but by ignoring such an easy request you begin to run this risk. And if there are other requests like it then the problem grows and you end up losing support. All we are asking for are some theme changes to change up the mood of the platform we spend so much time in. We want to feel cozy and nice and sometimes that requires a different look that isn't provided. Hear our request please or tell us why you won't.

  • Draconic NEO

    Mister Narwhal I think the idea of charging people for themes is not a good idea because unlike with Animated Icons, larger Upload size, image quality, Animated Emojis, or Universal Custom Emojis Themes themselves aren't server side and thus cannot be restricted in the same way. It would take a lot of effort to police theming and in the end it's futile because there's nothing you can do about theming on a browser, while they could update the client to attempt to break BD and theming, they can't do anything about browsers with theming extensions.

  • woodman

    bump I need the option to get rid of this new shit Blurple

  • MeLlamanHokage

    Yeah, strong dislike on the new blurple, logo and font.
    The new reaction outlines are nice on iOS not so much on macOS

  • aesthethicc

    it has been 3 years since the initial request, still Discord ignores this. Like come on, let us customize our backgrounds, add different colours, etc.,  instead of the same boring ass grey. People have been asking for this for years now and still nothing.

  • MaHl111

    Possibilities are not really endless, Discord can't monetize themes very well, as themes would be individual users property and you can't hardly enforce policy on to something you can't control because it's handled client-side. For them to control it, it would lead to implementing system to track images, textures and text which can be used for lot of other things and cause privacy concerns for years to come. Once and for all, BD is closed community that's devoted in to creating systems and plugins for Discord to make it better. Likelyhood of having malware and what not is close to zero, as each plugin is checked before added publicly. Private plugins, not found on Official PluginRepo can cause potential harm as they are unmaintained and it's not advised to use or download them (Looking back, it's literally same as downloading cracked or pirated content, there are groups you can and cannot trust). I believe that the best way to resolve community wanting themes and other stuff would be bring people responsible for BD to join up team and let them make BD features official as part of a team. With that said, there is a lots of other concerns involving money and Discord's vision of themselves, as well straight up rejection from BD devs, because this way, although they may not make any money, they can at least create freely. Upvote thread in to heavens if you want, but all we can do is just wait, if it's added, it's added, if not, then there is nothing we can do about it. Also, for Mister Narwhal, usage of BD isn't restricted only for wanting custom themes, many plugins they provide are really handy but are not part of the Discord by default, like easy way for saving pictures, shortcuts for actions like quick edit, click and delete message or magnifying glass in Image View and many others that should be implemented, so saying that people would stop using BD just because custom themes were introduced is overly optimistic to say at least.

  • penguino

    Being able to modify the CSS would be better.

  • Maxx

    Personal custom themes would be good. People use third party apps for custom themes/css, because of which their account is a t risk, but if discord adds such feature it would be great. I saw videos of people using third party apps and add custom themes, and by theme i not only mean the background, but also the font and designs, like editing the css, and those look amazing. And as a developer and gamer, I always want to customize stuff. So, this feature should get added. But it shouldn't be a theme for whole server, instead it should be personal customization. :)


  • TheDon4299

    I fully support the idea of Discord allowing user-created custom themes. However, I do not think they should be hosted server side for users to download, because anyone with malicious intent could abuse the feature to upload offensive imagery and circulate the custom themes online. These kinds of custom themes could hurt Discord's brand image.

    The Discord client should only display the custom themes the user uploads, and they should only be displayed on whichever device/machine the user has physically uploaded the theme to.

    As for whether or not the feature should be free, I'm open to Discord making the feature free.

    However, as reported in Wall Street Journal:

    Still, Discord said it isn’t profitable. The majority of its growth has been through word-of-mouth, though in recent months the company said it has invested in promoting itself to college students.

    With that being said, I already pay for Nitro, and wouldn't hold it against Discord to make the feature exclusive to Nitro members. We Nitro users get a ton of flack for paying $10 monthly, so this feature would help better justify the price and also help keep Discord afloat for years to come.

    EDIT: Isn't it funny that Discord's chief robot hamster is requesting this feature?


    i dont want to download better discord how can i make my own theme?!

  • dodoGames

    i Wish If Discord Added Custom Themes As A Feature

  • Doc

    Absolutely love this but my only problem is they'll almost certainly lock personal themes behind Nitro, and server themes behind Boost levels.

  • pantsmode

    Discord could re-use their Store platform to sell user-made Themes in-app.

  • felix

    or just custom themes you can create/download your own and use them globally

  • Cascade

    at this point they could just allow Better Discord for additional functionality.
    (if they are not abusing the client to an extent)

  • † Lava †

    11,186 users have voted in favor of this. 490 users are following this. It is very apparent that the 11k users who are in favor are looking to have customizable discord layouts like a background shop or something of the sort where users can put up their custom backgrounds and UIX edits for people to download. If Discord wants to eliminate the competition from getting to this idea first, then they should make it known they want to invest in this. Otherwise, the copy-cat discord platforms will run it up first. There are plenty of copy-cat discords that are popping up and its only a matter of time before they allow something like this.

  • JD

    Hello, discord team and fellow users. 
    I signed up to the feedback part of discord site to suggest something very similar to this post. 

    Here is my similar take and suggestion for a new feature that I think would enhance the discord experience for everyone. The feature is server decorations or visual changes.

    Server decorations are basically ways to customize the appearance of your server, such as adding border designs on text channels, background colors or themes on the member lists, or even changing the font style or size of the messages. I think this feature would make each server more unique and attractive, and also reflect the personality and preferences of the server owner and members.

    One of the reasons why I think this feature is important is because people love visual change almost as frequently as the changing of seasons. For example, some people might want to decorate their server with festive colors and icons during holidays, or match their server theme with the current weather or mood. Having the option to change the visual aspects of the server would make it more fun and engaging, and also increase the sense of belonging and community among the members.

    I understand that this feature might require some technical and financial resources to implement, and I respect the discord team’s decisions and priorities. However, I also want to express my willingness to support this feature in any way I can, such as giving feedback, testing, or even paying for it as an add-on or a premium service. I think this feature would be worth it, and I am sure that many other discord users would agree with me.

    Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you will consider my suggestion. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to making discord the best platform for online communication and collaboration. Have a nice day! 😊

  • Ruth Arendse

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