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  • Hyperclaw79

    + internal filter script to prevent eval attacks.

  • Turbotailz

    Slack has had this for years. Please add an API for built-in server commands 🙌

  • Eevee

    I agree, this would be a great feature!

    As someone coming from mIRC, I would love the ability to do something simple like typing /name "text here" and it would output something like <Name> text here.

    This has always been something that made me stick to mIRC instead of converting over to Discord entirely, in terms of RPing, since Discord doesn't have as easily customizable commands like this. I love the idea of making these be server-specific without needing a specific bot to make something like this.

  • Sir Fritz

    @Cl0ck That's a nice idea. It would not work with /<command>, but it may work with "<command>" or "{command}" or "[command]" or "%command%". Something to consider, if this item is picked up for implementation.

  • Saluki

    This sounds pretty cool. Being able to use custom text channel commands in servers would be amazing. You could insert links, media and text really easily without the need for a bot - meaning you don't rely on the bot's uptime.

  • Meow

    they added this

  • Skwaleks
    like /ban
  • Floème

    It would be awesome

  • hexx

    Maybe for selfbots, it would have a self-bot tag if discord can't verify it's coming from a browser or app. Discord could then ban selfbots from that account, or ip.

    Or, if they prefer, in the user settings there could be a "Command" tab which you could change a keyword or command word into a sentence or something which is limited to 50 words or so.

  • AkaWearZ


    I don't see how it could be abused.
    And in any case the commands will be reserved for people with ban and/or kick permission.

  • Sir Fritz

    @Eevee, there is a /me command currently. But /me <message> sends "_<message>_"

  • Eevee

    @Sir Fritz - Thanks for the response.

    I am aware of the /me command, but as a clarification, if I have multiple characters (mostly for RPing purposes), I'd want to do like "/tammy <message>" prints "Tammy: <message>" and then like "/john <message>" prints "John: <message>", etc. mIRC has a very easy way to program this straight in the software without needing an external bot, so I wanted to reiterate that I'd love for Discord to have the ability to do something simple like this as well.

  • Phosphorshy

    Just give them a not colored role

  • TheFutureKnight
    but what will that warning system do?
  • cl0ck

    I like this idea but I think it would be better if the text was added to where you put the command instead of appending it to the end or maybe allowing the user to specifiy if it should be appended to the message or added to where where they typed the command.

  • Selma QUEEN

    How can you use it what do you type in?

  • ||Jojo||
    This has been announced a few years ago, hope its still a thing!
  • thetechguy
    this would be a good idea for discord to implement.
  • Saluki

    This could be used to make tags easier (aka not needing to use a bot).

    So /support could pull up a message explaining how to contact support - for a game developer maybe.

  • MesterSye


  • I specialise in being lonely


  • babynoob837



  • ShashGa



  • zyl

    great idea.

  • Goldenclaw112

    You're able to right click > kick/ban the user, so you don't have to rely on bots.

  • undermaster.

    There are many bots for that. I recommend Dyno, they have so many advanced variables than other bots. I ink you're talking about built-in custom commands. That can be a good idea but that should have more advanced variables than Dyno

  • MTG
    It's the work of bots
  • Karate Wumpus
    Could potentially be a server boost perk
  • DreamPhreak

    There are bots that let you make custom commands like that. The first one just off the top of my head is Dyno Bot's "Tags", but I'm sure there are many others.

    Also consider looking up tutorials on how to make your own bot and you might get a bonus of learning a new skill for yourself.

  • oʎoʇuoɯ


    I just posted something and I think it would also solve your issue:



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