Larger custom Emoji!



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  • LazoYoung

    This is very necessary to see custom emoji. I can barely distinguish them.

    The most neglected feedback that Discord has ever had.

  • GuiDaFunkyMan

    Yes the currently size is ridiculous.

  • Praetor Lupus

    Yay totally !

  • kuruwastaken

    Yes, please, their SOO tiny. I've been splitting the image in 4 parts and doing
    :emoji3::emoji4: (Or perhaps implement that, so there's no gaps?)

  • TimesUp

    +1, at least a client side option for emoji size.

  • Takun

    Definitely something I would want. I can make out a good number of my emoji when utilizing Wumboji, but there are more than a few that I would have to put my face on the screen to make out (and I have really good eyesight) even with it.

  • Rasta

    +1 would also like larger emoji size options

  • Nobody32

    +1 need bigger emojis, faces of characters cant see clearly.

  • Juniper

    Even if you make it just so that people can increase the size of the emojis they see, I would love to have this implemented. Sometimes it's so hard to tell what it is

  • Sam

    I've created very clear and easy to see graphics on custom emojis and my friends still have trouble making out what they are. Please make them like twice as large. With all the gifs and large images people commonly post on discord, I'm sure we can make room for it! Thanks!

  • AceOfSpace

    Absolutely, yes please!! Custom emojis only look good if you make them look like a typical emoji would look, and even then they can be too small. They get even smaller when used beside text. Making them bigger would help people with bad eyesight as well. I don't personally have bad eyesight, but I still end up squinting and unable to make out what the emojis are.

  • Benzine

    What I'd trully like is for the custom emojis to keep their original size whether they're in a sentence or not. I find the default size ok, it close to what we have on Twitch, but they're much too small when surrounded by text.

  • Sinfelicity

    Yes please

  • ProClifo

    Yes I agree. I think emojis included in text messages should the current size of emojis in stand-alone messages. And the stand-alone emojis should be even bigger than that.

  • Flutter

    Even if they were just twice their size, 64x64 they'd be much better! The emojis are so important to discord and it's crazy that this change hasn't been implemented!

  • Staz'

    on most custom emojis you can barley recognize what they actually mean..
    Please give us an option to make them bigger. Funny discord emojis is like 50% fun on my server!

  • ThatBeggar

    discord's custom emoji sizes are awful, I have to squint to actually be able to tell what something is, and half the time i still cant tell

  • Evanpik64

    Just started adding to my server, the custom emojis are so tiny I can barely tell what expression they're making!

  • NIGHTMARE(aka Crystal)

    Fix it, make them bigger. thanks.

  • Myszka

    Why aren't still so small? Please just make them bigger so it's easier to see anything on them... It's just a case of tuning few values in CSS... at least give people a option to make them bigger if you don't want to break anything. I don't want to have to use mods anymore because they can break my app...

  • MercuryDoll

    Definitely would want clientside zoom on emojis, reactions too.

  • Waste

    7 months...

  • Cianers

    If we all pile up they will listen ! Bigger custom emoji please !

  • Smoku Globale

    True, if u upload your own emojis, they are just too small and u can barely see them. Emojis should be enlarged at least a little bit.

  • AzrielaDraconious

    Omg this! Please consider making custom emojis bigger! Or at the very least please make it so they don’t get even smaller when there is text next to them!

  • LazoYoung

    It's been 6 months and still there's not a single response from developer...

  • Amura-Of-Jupiter

    Been wanting this for ages, my computer screens are not dense enough to see details. On my 4k phone I can usually make out what peoples emojis are but on the computer it's a no-go. 

    Please, even a 5% - 10% increase in size would be perfect! 

  • Nerk

    This please! My custom emojis for friends are un-see-able, which breaks my heart. My one can see them!!

  • Clam Chowder

    we absolutely need this as a feature. Discord can be much more than just a chat channel. It can even be custom designed as a donation shop or showcase the messages that are important. Making emojis "somewhat readable" and bigger by increasing it's size is definitely worth it!

  • Myszka

    At least an option to adjust emojis size... if Devs are so scared that few pixels more would break whole chat...
    It doesn't even need a bigger file size, for example just instead of 2rem give us option to turn it to 3rem and it would look perfectly ok for me...
    Just simple setting hidden away in options menu and that's all....


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