Add Right to Left (RTL) support to Discord


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  • 𝙼𝚘Ⓐ 𝑀𝑜𝓇𝒶𝓃

    we need it !!!

  • DragonSB

    That Reddit post is not working for some reason.

    But yeah, Please Discord make this happen.


  • Dramex

    We need this !

  • Biiox

    This is such a trivial feature, and the fact that it hasn't been implemented for so long is embarrassing.

    Seems like lately Discord is focusing more on monetizing and less about adding important and heavily requested features.

  • coldnine

    It is absurdly simple, adding this css snippet to the browser seems to fix everything:

    div[class^="markup"] {unicode-bidi:plaintext;}

    Please consider adding this to your cross-plat app, it'll make quite the difference.

  • SilverTuxedo

    This request was originally submitted by me, around 2 years ago (it was resubmitted by Nelly because of, I assume, some kind of migration). I tried searching for it to see if there's any progress and couldn't find it. Even now, when you search 'RTL', you can't see this post.

    I assumed it was removed so I resubmitted it here.Within 1 day it got 14 upvotes (I didn't even send it to anyone). This issue is still affecting many people using Discord on a daily basis, and the fact that this issue is still not resolved, despite the solution being so simple, is disappointing to say the least. 

  • bahaa_ka

    we are reached 2019 with no support for RTL languages 

  • FoodaSh

    Discord, Please add this ASAP.

    This will discourage so many people from using Discord on desktop in the Arabic community !!

  • 𝙼𝚘Ⓐ 𝑀𝑜𝓇𝒶𝓃

    We need to share it..
    To get more people here..

  • Rouzbeh Zarei

    This is like less than a day work, still not added tho! Weird...

  • alobaili (6) 🇸🇦

    @SilverTuxedo The link "here" does not work anymore :/


  • ! AXE , 'Kayan. ، ♕

    It's will help us adding right to left ( arabic language ) 

    We need it.

  • Vendetta

    Please implement this feature..
    Lines with both Arabic and English words are super weird and can't be understood!

  • Saifallak

    this is highly required feature come on!!

  • RG , Stèwart

    Hi Discord ..

    We an arabian people discord be arabic this will be helpful for us and the discord will get more visitors by this addtion so i wish you see this message! good luck

  • iMrDJAi

    Text align is good on right! just keep it like that, and improve it by fixing this bug:

    Everyone here will get used to it, they just need some time.

  • Denn0h

    For the love of god, how is this not implemented yet? Extremely disappointing.

  • thetechguy
    good idea.
  • airev

    "The Arabic Community" is so big right now and we need it 
    i hope you'll add it soon . 

  • 'On2x .

    that update will be a helpuful to arabs , who dosnt understand other luanguges , كان هنا عمق اونيقص القمد


  • Rose Shyizer

    Thx DiscordApp ilove this updates help MiddleEast Thxx <3 

  • dmr3

    We Need it 

    The Discord in the heart

    We Love You



  • Argamate

    How is this still not a thing, it's such a simple and obvious thing to add, it makes absolutely no sense to me why they are ignoring this post 

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Agreed to thetechguy. This is a good idea. +1
  • Sapir Dvash

    You must support Right to Left languages (such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian...)

    It does not make sense that there are only languages left to right,
    If you listen to us and do it - because it's really desirable, it will really do a lot of good.

  • - Allawi.

    This will be a very good update, and useful to some people ..

  • بـريـتي

    We need this !

  • Abdulmalik

    The [Arabic Community]  is so big in recent times, so please add support for RTL and also the Arabic language.

  • ! -BEGOO

    Please do it ... We are biggest community on discord (ARAB) so you have to give us the support + You have to support the arabic language as this is going to help you and us .. You will get new arab people on discord and we will get the relaxation in typing .. THANKS DISCORD , YOU ARE HELPING US !!

  • ww

    this update will help us

    need it quickly .


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