Controller library


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  • azim

    Upvoted. Really need this feature. It's difficult to use the switch pro on Discord for games.

  • lava184

    I am having issues with several discord games with my controller. For example King of the Hat recognizes my controllers presence but I can't use it to play the game, the inputs just don't work. I have the same issue with Sundered. Apparently connecting via Bluetooth can fix this but I don't have access to Bluetooth on my PC so what can I do?

    I think some form of base controller support from discord like they have on Steam could be really beneficial to users like me to know their controller is connected and will work properly.

    Note: Has anyone else had the controller spam random inputs when hooked up to steam when i try and play a discord game?


  • Pingwin99

    At the moment you cant even set a key for push to talk while using Switch-Control. Its a pity but I hope they will ad Controllers like these one day.


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