when u post images and add a text, such text should appear below the image, not above it


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  • Esci

    well the image is loaded after the message
    if you really wanted it to load above you should ask for a option for channel settings

  • Greem

    I can see this. you add a caption to an image and half the time someone doesn't see what you said because it's too far up.

  • HighLander

    Completely agree with this one. Same as with any other form of media. Image/Photo description is put below the image.

  • decaf non-dairy Alex

    Agree. Whether it's a permanent change or a setting on server or account side. I often have to post photos first and then post my comment about the photo, but if someone comments before i can post my comment, it can become disjointed. Many of my friends also have a problem with the photo description being above the photo.


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