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  • Ero

    Even if you don't want to maximize the character limit within the servers themselves, at LEAST allow us weirdos who write to one another and RP or collaborative story telling or whatever you want to call it toggle it off in our DMs.

  • Lady3mlnm

    Due to specificity of our group we can be sure that there are no spamers among us, or people who will abuse the time of others. Some situations require long thoughtful posts. Limit of 2000 characters is too small and very inconvenient. Please, expand this limit or remove it completely (or allow administrators to do this).

  • Trojaner

    great all we needed now is just even more spam

  • Axio

    @trojaner ... "Spam" would be multiple messages being posted, which this suggestion would do away with.

  • Alpha Wolf

    Unless there’s a glaring problem with doing this, I too would like to have the character limit increase beyond two thousand.

  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    You're not alone, I'm a writer as well and I'd LOVE to see this implemented. Would be super useful when not getting limited by characters
  • Chel

    I don't know if that's cool but I'm too lazy to check so +1

  • Opulus™

    I'd love that, but only as an option that you have to turn on for specific channels.

  • Neb

    Just send another message?

  • Zwip-Zwap Zapony

    As someone who administrates a Discord server with a server rules and server "F.A.Q." section, and who does not want to make every little rule or "F.A.Q." thing separate messages (especially as that'd make it troublesome to add a new rule above the "F.A.Q." section), I feel that a 2000 character limit is hindering.

    While 2000 may or may not be enough for an "average" user (by which I mean "not an administrator"), I have a full-on administrator role. Surely a server administrator should be allowed to have 65535 characters (or 65000 characters) or such per message? (Such a specific number because that that's about as much as an unsigned 16-bit integer would allow as a character count number; More than that would be even better, of course, but probably not worth it to go beyond 16 bits for.)

  • Tenacity

    Definitely want to add to this topic here. Many people had already brought it up but I just feel like saying it once again.


    The Roleplay and Writer communities are h u g e and having to constantly double or even triple post to get a proper response out can hurt at times. Especially when thinking back on when I had used Skype and such a short limit did not exist.

    Discord has many perks and is overall superior to Skype in any way, imo. But the almost stupidly short character limit has become a main nuisance ever since I had switched over to it. 

    I do not know about Discord's limitations or anything, how all of that works out, how data is allocated and all of that jazz... but does it provide any benefits to keep the character limit this low? From a technical standpoint I mean, then I guess I would understand why things are how they are. 

    For now tho... lemme be a disgruntled man crying out for more characters per post! Woo!

  • Stratogeist

    +1 I agree with this one -- Sending another message is fine most of the time but on mobile it becomes a struggle (and, yes, I have reached 2k characters replying to stuff on mobile). Even just doubling to 4k I think would be fine. Unless, like Dr. Extinction said there's a glaring problem with doing it.

  • peac

    at least for nitro users

  • Alpha Wolf

    Neb, that’s easier said that done. If you on PC, copy and paste and image, then write over 2,000 characters about said image or what it means. Discord will tell you the message was too long and delete the whole thing.

    Imagine losing twenty minutes of brainstorming, four of five paragraphs, just because you were on a hot-streak thinking about your cool ideas.

    Can’t send a second message with twice the -2001/2000 characters I just lost.

  • almostsuspense
    No, if there's a limit that's for a reason and you can just split your message
  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    would cause a lot of spam honestly. and what suspense said as well
  • ichiidev
    Hi, if there is a 2000 character limit in a message, it's for a reason ^^ If you want to send announcement that exceed this limit, you can use simples tools with embeds (that can store many more characters) that are sent throught webhook ;)
  • Van EN.KI

    They're going to remove this ticket and "combine it with another" that's months old to be "organized." So they dont have to look at all the tickets asking for this.

  • Wolf

    You’re most likely right. And people need to just keep making tickets to this effect every time. Rather than ignoring what clearly a lot of people want, they should act on it. It’s been asked for, for years. (I know cause I commented my support on a similar thread years ago). At this point, not delivering is simply stubbornness I think.

  • DudeTheGray

    Please, Discord. People have been asking for this for literal years.

  • Unicron

    This feature should be available to the nitro boosted servers for example. It is really annoying to edit back the server rules.. in my case. I don't understand why this feature is not added under some conditions..

  • 𐌋𐌵𐌂𐌆𐌅𐌄𐍂

    Было-бы круто чтобы расширили возможности то хочется оформить красиво и люди не понимают этого почему так.          It would be cool to expanded possibilities you want to make nice and people don't understand why.

  • crescentluna

    At least they should remove this cap for owners.
    It is really annoying for a rule text/announcements.

  • Russa

    PLEASE fix this!!!! I run a paragraph roleplay Discord and this limit is a NIGHTMARE. Our group averages about 5000 characters per post, which we have to keep breaking down. Setting up a story can take upwards of 10000 characters and I'm SO sick of struggling with the limit. We keep our gmail open the whole time we have discord up and have to break it up and copy and paste and copy and paste.

    Then you copy and paste one section, and it won't go through because you are one or two characters off, so you have to return to your gmail and copy and paste again hoping you got it right this time.

    Honestly, this is driving me insane. We used to have a designated forum for roleplaying, but those kind of forums are becoming less and less common over time and they don't have any of the features we need. They are not app friendly, they don't send notifications and making more topics is very difficult. 

    Please please please please please just have it so the administrator can decide the character limit!!!! Our group is this close to just leaving completely.

    Those of you who do not understand. This 'feature' is crippling for authors and roleplayers and we aren't the only ones struggling with it. It's pretty simple to let individual servers decide what limit works best for them. I'm not saying there should be two options "Turn on or turn off". I want to be able to say whether posts should be 2000, or 5000 or more.

  • tom

    Oh my goodness, this is like the most annoying thing in the world!!! I'm not a role player, or an author, or anything like that. I'm just trying to manage a server. And EVERY TIME I try to post a message containing info, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have to break it up into 2 or 3 pieces. 

    Now, this isn't too intense for me, it's not like I have 10,000 character messages or something, no. I just have around 3000-6000 character messages. And it's been a real big annoyance. Especially since I usually space up my messages into paragraphs, like I'm doing now. There isn't an indent feature in discord, so when I have to split my message, it will look like one paragraph is with another! 

    All I'm asking is to have the character limit reach AT LEAST 4,000 characters per message. If they do even more, I'll be surprised. At this point, I am fine with it being a Nitro feature. I just want to type in longer messages. Maybe it could be just an admin feature, or a role toggle, like most people say. We just want to type more!!! This is literally the only flaw I have with Discord, and if this doesn't get fixed, it will drive me INSANE!

  • Kawphi

    I'm sure I'm just echoing everyone's concerns but I believe how these types of request work is that the more people request it and leave comments, the more likely Discord team will review the request and make a decision. 

    This, as others have mentioned, is extremely irritating. I lead a clan for a popular game and we use our Discord to post Clan Rules, upcoming updates for the game, weekly clan news updates, events, etc. so I'm constantly hitting the 2000 character limit and usually without realizing it, which on its own is incredibly infuriating. I realize that people spamming 2000+ character posts could be annoying but if it's locked behind roles or admin rights, I don't really see any issue to it. I also find it hard to believe that spamming is the reason you don't enable this since you're just making us break up our posts into 2-3 separated posts. Aren't users just going to get multiple notifications for that instead? 

    For the sake of all your Discord users, please just do something to change this.

  • EKOmylife

    I also agree. It should be customizable for mods and admins to choose the character limit. So if there are role-play or story servers, they can set it to a higher character limit. Or if there is a server frequent with spammers, they can set it to a lower character limit.

    Yes, you can just splice each text to different sections, but understandably this can be tedious and slightly frustrating to do so.

    I also have an idea in mind. So the server I moderate has a rules channel where only other mods and I can post...well...rules for the server. But because of the limit, I can’t write as much without having to split the message. We also have a general channel where all our members can converse. That’s where spammers may be frequent. So maybe you can set the character limit separately for each channel. So for the rules channel, it can have a 20k character limit, and for the general it has about a 2k limit.

    You can also change the character limit for specific roles too. I think with this, you can avoid spammers while having this feature on discord.

  • Permanently deleted user

    You should use something like Google Docs to share large text documents over Discord, as Discord really isn't cut out for this in my opinion, which is reinforced by your complaints above.

  • Fillix

    I disagree.
    Google docs would become a big mess with multiple people writing on the same pages, while being in different locations. It doesn't give a good option to talk outside the rp, share picture, share memes etc. Google docs also become way too laggy the more pages are made. And by now we're probably exceeded 100 pages by now looking at how much we've written inside Discord.
    I think discord is a perfect way to do rp's with big groups. We have the server split up into channel categories, telling us what region it is in the world we rp in. Those categories open up to several different location channels. This way people can rp in a certain location with eachother and they won't have to worry about other people chatting their own story in between. No one chatting through eachother.
    Next to that we have OOC channels where people can post the regular things, talk to eachother, post pictures, art and memes. We even have plotting channels, which help discussing the stories we create.
    If Discord adds the option for the server owner and possibly mods to choose which channel has a character limit or not, people can post their rp stories without having to cut it all up into parts, similar like adding a slow mode or not. It's not that dificult for them to do.

  • Fillix

    Here is an example of the channels I have created for the rp server. Discord is the perfect platform to divide people into one on one stories or switching locations etc. It's just the character limit that is bugging us.


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