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  • Tobyhn

    This would be incredibly useful for server admins making information channels as well. Since the awful UI update, info channels with information that needs more than one message to be displayed (over 2000 chars) look even worse with the highlight bar that appears when hovering over each message.

    A nice way to implement it would be a slider next to the slowmode setting in each channel.

  • FÓA

    Maybe to prevent the concerns of removing a character limit EVERYWHERE,  it could be an option in servers ?  Like,  creating a channel & setting it as a writing channel that disables the character limit ?  That would be so incredibly awesome.  I do some writing / rping on discord via a server  &  it's practically impossible to NOT go over.  Just an added idea that would make discord life a little happier.

  • BiRRdYY

    I just want to add myself to this petition.. Currently working on a dc bot which posts race results automatically when the race ends and for the tables I need a lot of spaceholder chars (cz discord also has no proper tables)... That limits me to ~10 positions being displayed per message max!

  • amazoniiite

    I'm going to add myself to this petition as well.

    I'm not asking for it to be removed, much like the rest of the wonderful people here in this thread, but rather it be raised.

    However. I can see it being an issue in some cases. To avoid server overload, perhaps make it to where it is optional on each individual servers. As a writer who enjoys sharing her stories with friends and other role players, it is frustrating that I have to chop my posts up. Then it looks messy and there is no space between the chopped up posts. I have to shift-enter to go to the next line and add a period between those chopped posts. Doesn't look the greatest, but unfortunately...its fuctional.

    Still. To have the character limit raised would be wonderful. I would be okay with 4k characters, but for a writer I can write 4k word short-stories and higher, so 4k characters is hardly enough. Though. I would settle for it.

  • tobsam

    This would be an important change to any coding-based server, where you usually wanna be able to post huge code blocks using discord's amazing markdown and syntax highlighting features.

    Just make the character limit an option within servers, that would be awesome, thanks.

  • Couchy47

    I would really appreciate a higher character limit (maybe 10,000+), especially for read-only channels with lots of info to roll out to server members! If I need to edit an old message (where multiple messages have been sent following the post) but it goes over the character limit, I can't just add a new post as it would be out of order :/
    I think this feature would do best as a permission; by default enabled for moderators with the option to enable for other roles.

  • 𝓙𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓻

    Please we need that, at least as a permission.

  • Czekoladka

    Yes, please exoand limit, becouse it is super anoying to cut lyrics. U guys do amazing job with this program which is superb but this short text limit is some kind of mistake.

  • Aku'mai

    Bumping this. Needs to be at least 3000.

  • rabbiteggz

    Bumping this. Please, implement at least 5K, preferably 10K+, though!!

  • 🔥FlamingSword🗡[FND]


  • kosmaty 🇵🇱

    Option to change the limit for example 5000 or 10000 characters would really be a blast. Also need it for RPG game, but sometimes cut my massages even during discussions on general game chats

  • struct?.GetType()

    This limit becomes even annoying when you add emotes. For example :regional_indicator_?: already takes up 22 characters so minigame developers and admin announcements have even fewer characters to work with. Please turn up the characters limit or treat emotes as 1 character

  • Mashilo

    just use GitHub...

  • beef623

    2000 characters feels extremely cramped when trying to post code snippets. 

  • DaveOver

    Trying to do writing group channels is very difficult with this limit. 

  • 13

    +1 to this suggestion. We need to increase the limit.

  • Sapsan

    I agree with this suggestion, implement an option for server owners to change max character limit.

  • Keegan

    I agree, I'm working on a bot right now that grabs api data and theres categories I can't use due to the character limits, even a little more would be nice!

  • infernovia

    This would be a very nice upgrade for my server as well. It's fun to talk about in-depth tactics and strategy or an in-depth subject with people (IE history, philosophy, tech etc.), and and 2000 characters just isn't enough. I can definitely copy and paste it paragraph by paragraph but this breaks a lot of formatting and line breaks. I would rather be able to post one giant article and work the formatting into the post instead!

  • ZaneDonovan

    I agree with this, I also would be willing to pay for this as part of the server boosts. With COVID-19 and people being unable to meet with their regular DND groups in person it would be amazing to have a boosted character limits. It doesn't even have to be a constant for the server boost level, just the option for the server owner to up the limit if they wish or leave it if they don't. It would make the users happy and give the discord folks a little extra cash as well with the folks further enticed to purchase server boosts. 

  • Ghost in the Machine

    this would help greatly for my roleplay ina server I'm in, as i have to paste 4 or 5 blocks for my data logs i do there. With that limit removed it would help so much more.

  • Synthesia Rae

    I would happily trade a kidney for this. Cutting posts makes an unsightly mess plus makes life hard for my bot. Just one set of my rules runs at 3600 and thats with shortening it to try to make it fit. and although desktop discord will group the messages mobile separates them and my g*d it's ugly.

  • Thorn

    Yeah, this would be super useful. I'd even pay for this if necessary, especially as the admin of a writing server.

  • Yas_!_ru

    Maybe discord should implement 2000+ character limit as server boost level perk.

    Eg: Server boost level 1 - 2500+ Character limit for messages

  • Marco ☣

    Allright, so they kinda fixed It. If you send a message larger than the limit, discord sends the text as a .txt file. It is bot ideal, but better than nothing.

  • wyverntail

    Ive needed this so bad when writing out the rules for my server. would be nice if you can choose the character limit that only someone with a specific role can use 

  • NotZoe

    This feels arbitrary and silly to force such a low limit. I can appreciate the possible advantages of limiting by default, but as a server admin, and a coder the fact I can't send more then 2k characters is just painful.

  • kfoonamalik

    Surprising this limit is so low. Should at least be a preference per server.

  • TERI

    Same, Thats annoying


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