Bot Owner Program


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  • Thrasher

    Great idea, we need to appreciate the efforts made by the devs

  • PaPí

    I really love the idea, Discord bringing in something similar will inspire most of the discord bot developers which simply means Discord community gonna get better bots with unique ideas to make 100's and 1000's of communities a better moderated and fun place to be in.

  • Tiger
    Love the concept and idea
  • Xeno

    Yeah amazing devs need something back for example we have PaPí#0001 ok

  • VooDoo

    That would be awesome !
    Being a developer of several bots for French streamer communities with more than 5k of users (minimum per server).
    The time spent on bots is phenomenal.
    A recompense would be really appreciated. ♥

  • Exaint
    Its just like Badge Farming... dont like this kind of idea :/
  • ImRock

    Or at least have one for bigger bot developers to stop badge farming.

  • almostsuspense
    yeah why not but not with the tier stuff just a simple ppnew community program
  • Rippy™ (Stressed)
    Good idea but would be like badge farming, like earlier people above mentioned. Also there's so many bots out there that it would be a pain to give each dev a badge for it as well.

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