Increase max file size for free accounts


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  • Maroxy

    Agreed when i record a short 20 second video on pc it already reaches 2mb and on phone an 40 second video is 5mb

  • cayneh

    I agree.

  • Vasp

    No, the reason for 8MB is to allow for simple reaction GIFS, not mega downloads/HD videos. If you're even planning to upload something that is 150MB i recommend using Mediafire.

    And besides this would remove the incentive to subscribe to Nitro which Discord would never do.

  • Anunnaki

    I am not running  nitro on my account. and I am trying to put a file that is under 35kb and discord is is saying its over 8mb. what is going on?


  • megannnjay
    If you have Nitro or Nitro Classic, the file upload limit is 50 mb
  • pacblinky
    Buy Nitro for now
  • Blastoise186
    The 8MB limit is normally OK for most screenshots while keeping things balanced in terms of resource usage. Discord Nitro does let you have uploads of up to 50MB per file but I'm not sure that the current limits will be raised
  • megannnjay
    In the meantime, Nitro or Nitro Classic would allow you to upload files up to 50 mb. Alternatively, you could upload to an external site and link it
  • 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡
    buy discord nitro
  • Blastoise186
    The 8mb upload limit is set for non Nitro users, however there is a 50mb upload limit for Nitro users. I believe the limits are set up this way to help manage server load and resource usage. Discord isn't really meant to be a file or video hosting service, but there are ways to share videos into Discord without running into limits
  • HypeZ

    this is very problematic for sharing screenshot from iPad Pro 10.5 or larger, they exceed 8mb so i usually have to compress it sending the same screenshot to myself in Telegram, saving it again and sharing.


    Another solution could be automatic screenshot compression when > limit (8mb for free, 50mb for nitro users)

  • ShintyShinto

    Should be 20MB imo, enough for a couple seconds of good quality video.

  • metaprogram

    Honestly, simply upping the limit to 8.5MB would probably be sufficient to alleviate the problem for most users.  With an iPhone, you only need to crop a few pixels off of any dimension to get under the 8MB limit, so it is already very close.  But given that this is such an extremely common use case, "buy a premium account in order to upload anything from your phone" is not that compelling of an answer.


    Alternatively, you could have the server down-res the image slightly to get it under the limit.

  • ¿zzɐſ ǝʞᴉ˥ ɐ⅄

    Considering the world of HQ Screenshots, videos and file formats, 8MB has very little hold for most small captures on PC. This also carries over to audio remixes that you have made yourself. I myself have made my own boosted versions of songs and have been unable to send them afterwards due to the file limit. While Discord was meant for GIFs and other image formats, new downloadable formats of images and videos make this limit have no fit. This also includes older formats too with how updates change the functionality of these file types and size requirements. Telling someone to pay for something that is a standard of most other messaging apps is like trying to sell the IPhone 8 for the price of the IPhone X.

  • JPBBerry

    You can always upload it to giphy or imgur or whatever u want. They do this because people can very easily fill up discord’s storage and probably also other people’s.

  • ΛΔ

    I think it’s absolutely unacceptable to ask users to pay for the ability to seamlessly upload screenshots taken on the same device that the discord app runs on.

    If you don’t want to increase bandwidth costs, fine, have the client compress the images before uploading them. iPhones have very fast SoCs these days, put them to use.

  • moonlightcapital
    You can upload files up to 50MB if you subscribe to Nitro.
  • Vixel

    Yes please! Its very annoying where I cant even send a screenshot from my phone unless I crop it just a little bit. It just barely exceeds 8 MB! and i really don't need to spend money just for a 50 Mb upgrade I don't need all of it. I don't even care if they only increase it to 9 MB! I just want to send screenshots easier.

  • ! Galletita Oreo
    I agree, but cloud storage does not grow on trees
  • Daffy
    Sort of defeats the purpose of getting Nitro, remember, Nitro supports Discord
  • draterttv

    tbh I could send larger files on Skype but at least I can send my POTGs

  • LocalSpeedDealer


  • JulianB


  • JesseG


  • Jordy


  • leah

    Discord stores at least 150 million files every day (, thats a LOT of images, and cloud storage isn't free. I think the 8mb limit is quite resonable

  • JesseG

    @meme that caching is for a limited time and will not being saved permanently on the servers of Discord.

  • Nikolay Megdanov

    I have trouble promoting discord to friends, because of this. When they see that they can't even share a picture or a video, they are directly turned off and go back to Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc. Today's phones generate pretty big files and these limitations will prevent Discord from winning some new clients.

  • ΛΔ

    I see a lot of discord apologists here saying “just get nitro” or “cloud storage isn’t free.”

    However this issue can be very easily solved simply by having the client compress the image before uploading it. This solution would not burden Discord’s servers with any additional compute, bandwidth, or storage demands whatsoever. There is absolutely no excuse for why this problem exists.

  • PuckerFactor

    50mb isn't worth paying for, 500mb would be worth it to me.


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