HypeSquad Merch


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  • Marley

    Totally agree.


    I would like to get a hold of one of the Discord HypeSquad hoodies that you are offering for Snowsgiving, but having to donate/pay $100+ this close to Christmas is a bit cruel :neutral_face:


    You should really consider adding them to the store, especially as it would be a good income stream for Discord and even free advertisement /shrug

  • pastelnarwhal

    Yeah I was just looking to see if it existed, honestly surprised that it doesn’t. It would be a great addition to the store!

  • $Albertosaurusrex

    I would be 100% down for that

    Like 110% HYPE BOOI

  • wookedout

    maybe even a way to order them through a third party so we can add our names or servers to the patches


  • jedi3
    I love this idea, but maybe only a limited amount to make it more unique?
  • wookedout

    maybe the hypesquad patches can be limited run. but i think regular logo and text logo patches for general discord would be nice to have at all times

  • jedi3

    Good point

  • MaxJitterinq - Quit Discord

    Idea is very good!
    I would really consider buying it!

    All 3 of the HypeSquad :D

  • NicolasGE

    make it specific to your hypersquad house, let's not switch camps here

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Have an upvote from me, a good suggestion.
  • Bennytek

    I'd love this so much! Repping your Hypesquad house in real life would be the best! Great suggestion, I'd definitely buy some Balance merch :)

  • !Ultraplaykind

    Give. Us. Hypesquad. Hoodies. Please.

  • MrSoul

    Hoodies and T-shirts will be a great add-on to the Hypesquad Merch, and each house merch with it's own color


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