Log In Verification Removal


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  • Vasp

    Just no, i don't think you understand the importance of captcha in daily life. Captcha helps determine human from machine to prevent security breaches and spam.

  • bohemian

    When I tried to log in after months to my discord account, i realized that truth...I tried to prove i am a human via images many times and finally i passed it then discord wanted me to prove that mail adress is mine. Now i am praying for discord never forget me and log me out. So i agree with you Edward.


  • dasSchaf

    Agreed. I usually need 7-10 emails, because every time I click the verification button, it says it expired already (clicked within minutes of receipt with no change in public IP address!)

    For those concerned with security, use two factor. For those concerned with convenience, allow for opt out of IP verification.

  • axonite

    I agree. Every time I sign in, I have to get the code from my e-mail because it says I am using a new location. However, it is exactly the same location (and has been for the last God knows how long). It seems to 'forget' each time.

  • avidplayer

    I am agree. Remove Ip verification from email. I did not received emails on my email from discord, and now i can not log in. Help.

  • DiamonDeni💎💙

    How do i vote for that? i hate this annoying log in verification, is not like that's my bank account to annoye me that much with safety.

  • Darvin

    True this is annoying.. I am logging into a chat/call service not a bank account.. I am using a VPN because.... 2020 -_- .. and I like to log off myself off Discord too because I have my younger brother play some stuff on my PC and I dont want him accidentally opening my kinda personal Discord account..

    And by the way I am not even mentioning a big security issue where Discord doesnt give you a settings option to log you off of your account when you close Discord.. This is quite weird to see for such a modern software not to mention it would take literally 20 minutes of programming to implement this, including the implementation of a log-in screen feature where you would just choose your account from a drop-down menu, then simply type in your password to log you in, that would be very well appreciated for a modern software like this, I mean did anyone even think this true? Anyone with at least 80 IQ

  • Wade

    I use 2FA and I still have to spend sometimes 5mins or more getting past captcha. The one where you have to keep waiting for images to keep loading are the worst. Then you realise you've put the wrong password in and its on for another 5mins of click and wait. 

  • bookshelfich

    This is an incredibly satisfying feature! Password makes me feeling that my account  secure enough. I really hope that the continuous endless mail check will soon be toggleble. Or event removed.

  • crying child

    Hey im I was logged out of my account last night and it won't let me back in I'd says I need to verify my phone or email i've tryed to but I doesn't work

  • I agree. I've been offline for 5 months and when I go back to Discord,it says,"you need to verify that you're human". Hello? I am a human!!! 😈

  • Floppa Gaming

    ip verification is gay. i'm waiting until it will undo it so i can login to my alt account in peace

  • Mason Young

    how do I verify if i dont have a phone number 

  • Mason Young

    why do i need to verify if it is my account though 

    im just sooooo confused


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