Increase the Max Number of Roles per Server


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  • GeigerCounter

    Just a few example use cases:

    1. An international politics server with a role for each nation and administrative roles. ( There's over 200 internationally recognized countries in the world at present. And if you add in disputed territories, you're over 250 just with that. This is useful information to have at a glance when discussing such a complex subject. )
    2. A linguistics server with a role for each language and the user's proficiency in it. ( Even if you ignore the rare languages, there's still a lot of them. And at minimum you want a role for a native speaker, for a fluent speaker, and for a learning speaker. )
    3. A server for API/bot testing - particularly testing the speed of mass role creation and mass role deletion.
    4. Bot and integration heavy servers in general
    5. Transient roles for mass games run over Discord that are created and deleted on the fly in a volume enough to warrant more than 250 roles.

    And here are a few less than reasonable reasons that people none the less would  be interested in:
    1. Anything in a s**tposting server
    2. Self-assigned roles for flair
    3. Roles with moderator privileges within a single channel for the purpose of allowing people to have their own channel and moderate it themselves. 
    4. The exact reasons you mentioned of demographic breakdowns.
    5. Supermassive servers with 50+ channels and 10k users and 80 bots. 
    6. To have individual permissions for each user. ( Yes I'm aware this is stupid, but it doesn't mean people won't do it. )
    7. More = better. It's a flag to wave around to hype certain types of user.

    Just because you wouldn't use that many and don't find it personally useful doesn't mean that it's not useful and desirable. There are future potential use cases of additional roles with the advent of the Discord store as well, but that's all in the realm of speculation. All the above cases are ones that you can currently find out there in the wild. And if so many roles seems unwieldy to you, you're probably not managing your server with a bot like you should be. So there, that's a dozen reasons that have sufficient demand, five of which are perfectly reasonable.

    If you think that all of those things are stupid, that's your choice. You can have a server with only one role if you want, but there's still people who would use more roles if given the opportunity and there's reasons where it actually makes perfect sense to do so and is much, much better than the alternative. ( Such as using bots to add ugly flairs to the end of a user's nick to display relevant information with their name. I've seen that being used as an alternative for roles in the first two use cases mentioned and it's hideous and a waste of space. Especially when you get a polyglot who speaks 10+ languages. )

    I'm sure that I could think of many other uses for more roles, but the fact is that I don't have to if someone else can. If someone supports this, they probably already know why they need/want more roles or just prefer having more flexibility.

  • GeigerCounter

    There are legitimate reasons to have more than 250 roles. 

  • GeigerCounter

    It really depends on how difficult it would be to implement. I don't know how Discord works behind the scenes, but I don't imagine that it would be more than a few KB to maybe a couple MB more per server, so I don't see it having a negative impact on things. It seems to me that it's probably just a limit arbitrarily set in the programming to avoid database attacks by automatic role creation. In which case, as long as there is a finite limit it's still fine. And if it is really that simple, the implementation would be as painless as just increasing that limit number. In practicality it might actually be a limit set in the database configuration, in which case it could take reindexing of every Discord server which could put the service offline for a few hours. That'd be the worst case scenario. It really just depends on how roles are currently implemented, but I don't foresee it taking more than an afternoon of work and that's why I fully support it. It's very low on the priority list as you say, but if it could be done during a lull in work on bigger, more important tasks, why not? It won't happen at all if the devs aren't aware that people want it.

    And also, you're welcome. :)

  • girl bowser

    Hi, I'm the creator of this support ticket, and I'd like to review what has occurred since this ticket was opened.

    Since I created this post well over 9 months ago, Discord has introduced features including spoiler tags, quote blocks, and, notably, Nitro Server Boosting. 

    This post has 25 followers, 47 upvotes, and 19 comments. Notably, it has zero responses from any Discord developers, representatives, or other employees. 

    We have not received any answer as to why 250 is the role cap. Is 250 a technical limitation? What can be done to resolve that? Is 250 an intentional limitation? Why is that? In any case, we are left answerless and dissatisfied. 

    At the bare minimum, the role cap should increase with Nitro Server Boosting. With the emoji cap going up with Nitro Boosting, Discord has shown itself capable of increasing what is usually thought as a hard limit. Thus, it should be, at minimum, a bonus for Nitro Boosted servers to have more than 250 roles. Preferably, all servers would have a limit upwards of 512, but giving this feature to Nitro Boosted servers increases incentive to boost servers.

    Discord, we simply ask one question: Why is the role cap at 250? Why does the Discord Twitter refuse to acknowledge the real limit of the role cap, instead insisting the role cap is at 200? As someone who uses Discord near-daily, it is disheartening that there has been zero response to this question. At least Microsoft support responds within the amount of time it takes to carry a baby to term.

  • Zero.RX55

    I run a massive 6-Major Study Group Discord Server, and we are having a situation where we've hit the 250 Limit, and we have 600+ students from those 6 different majors. At this moment we're trying to connect two discord servers together to make up for the current limit. It would be great if we there would be a limit boost for Academic Discord Servers....

  • DarkHeraldMage

    I'd almost be onboard with the idea of increased limits for servers owned by members with Nitro only, and those features disabling if Nitro lapses.

    I personally have a server that at one point had the maximum of 500 channels and we weren't able to create more. That's not something most servers will ever run into, and if paying for Nitro would increase that limit I'd absolutely be onboard. The features that Nitro offers currently don't really interest me at this time, I'd love to see some focus there on making their paid mode more desirable. Cross-server emotes/gifs and changing the number in your username just isn't really that great currently.

    Discord is still really young in their lifecycle, I look forward to what they keep doing.

  • Lance I SaltyDash

    I agree discord you should do this 500% please. Thanks

  • GeigerCounter

    Good point there too. Like there are other features for which I would pay for Nitro - such as custom themes and CSS -- and this is a feature that would at least have me consider it. Using custom emojis across server and animated emojis aren't enough, but more roles and being able to have a two-column server list are things that I personally find worth it. Though I'd say that if you made it a nitro thing, you shouldn't take away roles over 250 but just take away the ability to create more. Because it could cause a lot of chaos and dissatisfaction if someone's nitro subscription slips for a couple days and they have to do maintenance on the server because of it. That's a downside to making the feature linked to Nitro.

  • ArlandSr

    I'll support this just because @GeigerCounter blew the debate away with his retort. It's been a while since my college years and we were taught to take a reasonable cap, then double it twice. I run a gaming group that migrated from Messenger because of a member cap, it's not a far stretch for me to see how a role cap can be problematic, no matter the figure. The way I see it there are two kinds of limits, arbitrary and technical. If it's arbitrary we should know why. If its technical we should know why. I appreciate all the nerdy load message and language through the update and help files, and this sounds just like a reason to use such while informing on the whys and how comes. 

    To be clear, outside of a few member related roles, say 5, 10 or so bot roles, and 10-15 or so roles so that particular parties could be @mentioned, I don't see myself ever approaching 250, but it also doesn't mean I can't see what servers of other particular interests would require a great many more than that. If you say "never" and "no" because of your needs, that's pretty shortsighted.

  • Zen

    I agree with this. I'm part of a fairly large discord server (2,000 people) that plays competitive Rocket League. We have combine's, a draft, pre-season, regular season, playoffs, and a championship. More roles are needed so that the people that earned different titles (champion, mvp, team, franchise, etc) can keep them.

  • ken

    agreed - I run a server that is hampered by the 250 role cap and it would be great to even just have it bumped up to 300. there are so many legitimate reasons to having more than 250 (thankfully, listed off by GeigerCounter).

    discord is a lot more popular than it was when it was first made. there’s a lot more bigger servers out there nowadays and the fact that the role cap hasn’t been lifted from the initial 250 can get frustrating.

  • horribledynne

    me and my buddies on a rp server, who use roles as a way to easily distinguish between characters (so tagging is smoother and everyone can keep track of everyone in a large, character heavy thread), and also make sure everyone's name/important ranks are easily accessible, run out of roles constantly. we are an active server, of 30+ roleplayers, who mostly have 5+ characters each.

    its much easier on the mods to use roles as an organization tool, and its frustrating for everyone when character creation (and, coincidentally, the acceptance of new members into the server) has to be brought to a halt until characters are killed off or otherwise deposed of.

    please consider increasing the role amount- or, banish it entirely!

  • Merl

    We also have an academic use case and need separate channels/roles for over 20,000 schools that we support

  • Zero.RX55

    Thanks man! My Server is literally in dire need of the role increase, we need the max limit at most to be 512 ~ 600. We are hosting 6 Engineering Major Programs + 1 Business Application Major Program and we've done our best to simplify things. Officials, before you mark this ticket as a duplicate, please help us! Please increase the limit, as our users love Discord and what we have built through it to help them their classes as well as the community that has flourished because of that. 

  • love

    I currently own a discord server set up with the following:
    1) A leveling system that assigns roles when the user reaches a certain level
    2) A costmetics, and powerups roles shop
    3)Economics system that utilizes the roles.

    4) A jail system for people who get muted 

    5) custom roles, roles you can select that describe yourself.

    I would like to add more awesome features in my server as well, but this dull 250 role limits prevents me from doing so. I am a creative thinker and am constantly coming up with new ideas for my server. Creativitiy shouldn't be limited, there shouldn't be a limit to how many roles one can make. That's like Picasso only having two tubes of paint to paint with on his canvas and for him to have to find a way to work with only using those two tubes, or a rapper only having a set amount of storage on whatever device he/she uses to broadcast his/her music therefore limiting how much music he/she can make. It's absurd, and completely useless + illogical. What benefit does discord gain by limiting how many roles a server can make? 

  • JumpinMonki

    I help mod a rp server, we use individual roles for characters to keep things neat and organized plus to have a way to ping certain characters for roleplays. With a userbase of 30+ active members we fill the roles pretty fast and it gets frustrating since we have to close character creation until more roles are freed. It'd be nice to have more roles or the option for more roles with nitro booster.

  • kiki 🔪

    I love making achievements in my server, therefore I would be hindered if I hit the cap, and removing achievements would be... let's say, catastrophic.

  • Dev

    I'm really surprised that in 2 years no one has made an argument about bad data design.

    The way I see it, there are two main ways that roles are being used in servers I'm on. #1 is the original intent, I imagine: to provide a sophisticated way to configure permissions for your users.

    But I see #2 used as much if not more often: to label users. Often, roles are added simply to change colors, provide information, or identify users in a group, but these are all cosmetic uses, not functional ones. I can see why Discord devs don't particularly care if admins choose to add cosmetic roles, but here we are in this thread, where 250 is not enough for many admins.

    Simply raising (or eliminating) the cap would be an acceptable solution, so I'll upvote. However, I can see why this might be a technical limitation. A user with 250 cascading permissions settings might eat up a lot of server CPU and slow things down in extreme cases. A better solution would be to establish a second category of roles for ones that are purely cosmetic, and then allow us to migrate non-functional roles to that category for better organization and clear purpose. It would hopefully be more feasible to have a limit higher than 250 for just those.

  • C. Azune

    Please add more role slot either to all servers, or at the very least offer it as a bonus for boosted servers. 250 roles are filling up way too fast on servers which have separate roles for countries, game characters, etc. even with proper management. As FGO related server we offer roles for each playable servant in the game, and the number of these characters is already nearing 250, we're going to run out of slots soon.

  • SomeBodyElse

    I feel that this is needed for a variety of reasons - for servers that have communities with departments that have tens of ranks (along with their subdivisions and their ranks) it adds up quickly. Not to mention the administrative command of the group and developers who need access to specific places.

  • FidgetyJester

    I have like 4 help related role such as admin. Around 7 bots that came with roles. And maybe around 7 rewarding roles.

    But it's full because I added alot of gaming roles. I added only the game that's still alive and has some kind of multiplayer, but still enough to make it full. Alot of games out there, lol 😂.

    I thought if I added a role like that then it'll make it easier to find players to play with. Even made a private channel for those roles, and looking tor group channel for each one. Even added Xbox, PlayStation, pc and more roles. And even added the looking for group command to make it easier.

    I had to delete a few because it was full. But I was almost there though, so I guess it's OK. Only missing like around 10 still alive games. But still would be nice if there were 500 limit instead though, since the amount of games will only increase. Would be nice. Unlimited then that would be even better. But if you can't then 500, lol  😂

    And increase the channel limit too, because I made a channel for each of those gaming roles for different kind of players out there, so that would help.

  • isabellemain

    I do wish that the role limit was increased. In a rp server roles fill up quickly when you have over 30 people in it who all have multiple characters. A limit increase wouldn't hurt anybody and anybody who doesn't have any use for more roles simply can just avoid it since they aren't getting close to the limit now.

  • crummee

    Hi - Discord user in the same roleplay as the people above. I won't repeat what they have already said about our role issue, but I'll say this; there is no good reason to not increase the role cap or get rid of it all together.

    There are servers small and large out there that could benefit heavily from a role increase.

    Those who think it's silly, consider this: it won't affect your current server. Don't use up all the roles if you don't want to. It's quite simple.

  • EpicPix

    should be 1000 not 250.

  • PeacefulPotato

    I haven't gotten to this problem yet, but the idea of cosmetic roles seems to make sense to me. I would also recommend increasing the limit, since about half of the roles are used to grant access to a specific channel or are automatically added when you add a bot to the server. One other way would be to add the option to not have a bot role added to the channel, which does the opposite in terms of memory. Adding it as a boost perk would help as well as it would limit the amount of servers that utilize the extra roles and encourage more people to get nitro as well.

  • Hapsormi

    Discord user in the same roleplay as the few above! It would benefit us and many other servers with an unlimited or larger role cap. Please consider removing or upping the role cap so that it can help many of us who use each and every role to keep their server organized. Not only us would benefit from the cap increase or removal, but many others who have commented above me will benefit as well and it will make Discord a better and easier place to use!

  • crse

    I'm running a Japanese idol Discord server that has more than 200+ roles of each idol, it seem irrelevant until there's always announcement for each indivisual idol that needs each role.

    That's why role limit should be removed.

  • NexApex

    I would love this feature as well. I have a military/fictional ranked hierarchy server that I over see and the 250 limit is hindering my creativity. I want to create more branches and organizations which in turn require more unique ranks (roles) for members.

    It also doesn’t help that some titles are gender specific, so as you can tell it adds up very quickly.

    This is definitely a must needed feature for the more creative servers.

  • Stig023

    For large and well organized RP based servers, 250 roles just isn't enough.  I'm sure there are a fairly large number of servers that are near or at the role limit.  Additionally, even for people who aren't going to use that many, they're not losing anything by simply having more slots available.  It's a no brainer, just increase the normal limit or add it as a nitro boost perk.

  • MattTee

    PLEASE can we either get an increased role limit, or better yet, the ability the combo roles when it comes to channel permissions.  The only reason we even have a gazillion roles is because we need to create a unique role for each permutation of access, which is incredibly inefficient and quickly bloats the number of roles needed by a huge amount.


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